Benefits of Window Decals, Graphics, and Signs for Small Businesses Landmark Sign Company September 19, 2022

Benefits of Window Decals, Graphics, and Signs for Small Businesses

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If you’re looking for a simple way to elevate your business in a crowded, competitive marketplace, look no further than window signs! There are a variety of benefits to implementing window graphics that will not only boost your brand but also your bottom line. 


Window decals are very affordable and will easily fit your small business marketing budget. You can also start with one window panel or section, and expand as your business grows. Plus, when looking at the return they provide and the fact that they are leveraging space you already have, they are more affordable than other forms of advertising. 

Make Your Business Noticeable 

Whether you’re using them to advertise a particular sale, feature a product, or display a service offering, window decals will get your business noticed. A study by FedEX Office found that 76% of consumers entered a business they had never visited before and 68% made a purchase based simply on its signs.  

Boost the Image of Your Business

Boosting the image and reputation of your business can feel like a tall order, but window graphics make it easy. Easily use your window space to show what makes you different than competitors, and with a window decal, passersby can see everything from your brand colors and logo to business motto, promotions, and more. 

Drive Sales

There’s no question about it; window graphics drive sales. A study by the University of Cincinnati found that the majority of businesses that improved their signage saw an uptick in sales and profits by an average of 10%. That same study also indicated that nearly a quarter of the businesses observed using window signs that indicated job opportunities were able to hire more employees.

Easy Installation and Versatility

Window signs are easy to install. If you choose a hanging sign, they’re easy to simply place in the window and remove when necessary. Window decals and graphics would require a bit more care when installing to ensure they are straight and have no air bubbles, but when it’s time to remove, they won’t leave any marks or residue behind (which is important to your landlord or property manager!). There is also no electrical work or energy usage when on display.

Not only are window signs easy to install, but they also allow opportunities for versatility. They can be changed out as often as you like, whether it’s to advertise seasonal sales, correspond with other marketing efforts, and more. You can also easily place these virtually anywhere around your store windows that have display space.


Professionally designed and installed window decals and signs are durable, and will look great throughout the year, regardless of what Mother Nature or Old Man Winter have in store. Depending on the sunlight exposure of your storefront windows, these graphics can last for years without fading.

No Permit Required

Placing a sidewalk billboard in front of your business or placing other signage outside of your location could be against the law without proper permits, which can be time-consuming and frustrating to acquire. Plus, depending on the sign, you may have to hire a licensed electrician to install it for you. Fortunately, most cities don’t require permits for window signs. However, many municipalities around St. Louis do require a permit if you choose window vinyl, so be sure to check your local requirements.

Space For Content

Window graphics give you a great deal of space to share a compelling message with your customers (e.g. highlighting the key pillars of your customer service commitment, highlighting a contest or promotion, etc.) This is not the case with some other types of signs, where putting your company name and possibly a logo or tagline is typically the most content you can convey.

Connect Customers With Your Business on Social Media

Use window graphics to cross-promote your social media campaigns or get customers to interact with your social pages. Include promotion-specific hashtags or create an eye-catching visual that encourages visitors to your store to snap a photo with their smartphone and share your business with their followers, helping expand your online presence organically to more potential customers. 

Experience the Benefits of Window Graphics for Your Business with Professional Signage from Landmark

If you’re ready to see what window decals, graphics, and signs can do for your small business, contact our team today. Together, we’ll discuss your specific needs and budget to determine the best options, providing you with strategic recommendations to get you the most for your business at the most affordable cost.