6 Popular Uses for Business Window Decals Landmark Sign Company March 27, 2020

6 Popular Uses for Business Window Decals

Window Decals for BusinessA business’s storefront can be crucial to its overall success. Indeed, companies that depend on foot traffic to generate revenue should strongly consider using window decals for business purposes, as well as investing in window lettering and signs. When employed effectively, window decals, signs, and lettering can act to improve how a business looks to consumers –– as well as increase the potential for sales. To that end, here are six smart ways companies use business window designs and signs:

Brand Promotion

Brick-and-mortar businesses of all sizes should consider using window decals and designs to boost their own brand awareness. Plain and simple,  the bigger and more attractive your business’s window designs are, the more people will notice your location. Don’t underestimate the power of brand recognition; consumers tend to trust businesses they’re most familiar with

Aesthetic Appeal

Who wants to patronize a storefront that’s drab and lifeless? For that matter, who wants to work at a business that completely lacks any window designs or letters. On a base level, window designs let the public know that your company exists. But on a deeper level, the right decals and designs can also boost the aesthetic appeal of your storefront and make it seem more approachable. 


In addition to branded information, window lettering and decals can also be used to provide shoppers with pertinent information about your store. This might include something as simple as your hours of operation. Or, you could special order decals to advertise a sale or event that your business is hosting. Basically any message you could conceivably want to send to your customers could be sent with a decal. 

Seasonal Celebration

Do your sales peak around the holidays? Or do you enjoy your best times during the summer? Either way, businesses can display their seasonal spirit with special decals and window designs. Plus, they’re great at catching the eye. 


Having big, bare windows in your storefront means that anyone walking by can see inside your location. While such a setup may work for certain businesses, professionals and customers inside your store may prefer a greater level of privacy. The good news is that large enough window decals, designs, and signs can actually provide a screen of sorts for employees and paying customers alike.  


Window graphics aren’t just for storefronts. Some businesses use window decals and designs for advertising purposes on company vehicles. Vehicle wraps and car-window designs are a tremendous way for local businesses to reach a huge number of potential consumers in a cost-effective manner. 


If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your storefront and boost brand awareness, then contact the pros at Landmark Signs today. We have years of experience designing and implementing eye-catching window designs that are sure to excite your customers.