7 Questions You Should Always Ask About Car Wraps Before Buying Landmark Sign Company November 20, 2018

7 Questions You Should Always Ask About Car Wraps Before Buying

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Thinking about buying car wraps? Here are 7 questions to ask to ensure that your investment is rewarding vs. regrettable:

What type of vinyl do you use? 

Settle for nothing less than top-quality vinyl. Cheap low-grade vinyl may look good at first, but will soon start to fade and peel. You also need to ensure that the graphics on your car wraps are properly laminated.

Do you provide design services?

Even if you have a precise picture in your mind of what you want your car wraps to look like, it’s important to have experts provide you with guidance on everything from best practices to little details. In many cases, you can see what potential car wraps will look like by reviewing high-resolution 3D computer-generated renderings.

Do you have years of experience with car wraps?

There are many businesses that “dabble” in car wraps, but don’t have much experience. This is a disaster waiting to happen! You want to choose a sign company that knows what works — and just as importantly, knows what doesn’t.

Are your car wraps backed by a strong warranty?

All reputable companies will stand behind their work and guarantee your satisfaction.

Do you have various options?

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all package. Work with a company that will help you understand all of your options, and assist you in making a smart and strategic choice that fits your goals and budget.

Can I see some of your work?

Steer clear of company that hesitates to point you to their gallery of work, or won’t let you see testimonials from satisfied customers. On the contrary, they should be proud to show off their work and skill!

Can I get partial car wraps?

You should have the freedom and flexibility to get partial car wraps if that suits your needs and/or budget. You should not be obligated to wrap an entire car (or multiple cars).


Landmark Signs: 7 for 7!

At Landmark Signs, we proudly score 7 out of 7 on the questions above. Specifically:

  • We only use top-quality vinyl that is built to last, and withstand both extreme cold and heat (and we get both kinds of weather in this part of the country!).
  • We provide full design services, including taking your logo and other graphics and integrating them into a unique overall design that looks fantastic and professional. 
  • We have many years of experience installing car wraps. We are the professionals that the professionals trust! 
  • We stand behind our work and offer you a satisfaction and workmanship guarantee. Your success is our success. 
  • We help you understand all of your options, so that you can choose the solution that uniquely fits your needs and budget.
  • We’ll gladly show you our portfolio (in fact, you can start browsing it right now by clicking here).
  • We can definitely provide you with partial car wraps if desired, as well as introduce you to various vehicle lettering options.

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