7 Reasons Why an Aluminum Business Sign Might be Perfect for Your Company Landmark Sign Company April 25, 2019

7 Reasons Why an Aluminum Business Sign Might be Perfect for Your Company

aluminum business signIf you are looking for business signage that combines durability with value — and which makes a positive impression on your customers and other visitors — then an aluminum business sign might be the perfect choice. Here are the seven reasons why:

  • Incredible Resilience

Aluminum business signs are remarkably resilient, and built to last for decades. Indeed, that is why municipalities use aluminum for street signage: they can withstand just about anything that Mother Nature and Old Man Winter dish out.

  • Maintenance Free

Aluminum business signs are rust-proof, waterproof and (as noted above) weatherproof. That means they will look perfect year after year with zero maintenance. You can also apply an invisible UV coating to prevent fading over time.

  • Maximum Versatility

Aluminum business signs are extremely well-made and tough, but they are also incredibly light — which means you can install them indoors as lobby signs, way-finding signs, and more.

  • Superior Affordability

Often, enhanced resiliency and durability comes with a premium price tag. But that’s not the case with aluminum business signs! They are among the most affordable signage options available. They only LOOK expensive.  

  • Impressive Esthetics

Aluminum business signs are professional, stylish and modern — and all of these characteristics extend to your business and reputation. What’s more, you can choose various finishes, such as brushed, polished and mirrored, which seamlessly align with your brand and help you stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace.  

  • Lighting Options

You can illuminate an aluminum business sign from the front or back to enhance visibility, or if you need a highly conspicuous night sign presence. Lighting is available in a full spectrum of colors.

  • Complete Customization

You can easily have an aluminum business sign customized to fit your precise needs and specifications. For example, you can apply colored or vinyl decals, customize the shape and size, and much more. Aluminum business signs can also be used for signs that must meet ADA compliance (to learn more about this, please read our blog post here).

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