15 Astonishing Facts About Car Wraps

car wrapsIf you’re considering car wraps as a marketing and advertising strategy — or perhaps to turn your beloved car into something glorious and awe-inspiring to behold— then you may think that you know all there is to know about the topic. Or do you?

Well, here’s your chance to put your knowledge to the test, as we reveal 15 astonishing facts about car wraps. While you may know some of these, we’ll bet that a few will surprise you, and have you thinking about the benefits of advantages of car wraps in a whole new way!

Advertising Facts about Car Wraps

  • Car wraps reach 95% of drivers and generate 20,000-70,000 impressions per day.
  • Wrapping more than one car (i.e. a fleet) can boost brand recognition and recall by 1,500 percent or more.
  • Car wraps generate more potential customers at a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than any other form of advertising.  
  • Car wraps are the fastest-growing form of advertising in the U.S.
  • 30% of mobile outdoor viewers base buying decisions on ads they see.

Installation Facts about Car Wraps

  • Car wraps do not damage a paint job. On the contrary, they protect the paint from scratches, chips, and UV damage.
  • Car wraps can be safely installed on windows (by law the windshield must remain clear). Tiny holes allow for one-way viewing.
  • Car wraps can be installed on an entire vehicle, or part of a vehicle (e.g. front end, tailgate, back end, rear quarter panels, etc.).
  • It only takes 1-2 days to install a wrap. Businesses can schedule the work to be done on the weekend or in stages to minimize/eliminate and disruption to their normal operations.
  • Car wraps aren’t just for cars. They can also be used for vans, trucks, buses, RVs, motorcycles, golf carts, boats, e-bikes, ATVs … and the list goes on!

Care and Maintenance Facts about Car Wraps

  • Car wraps are built to last with a typical lifespan of around seven years, provided that the vinyl is high quality, the installation is done by experienced professionals, the car wrap is properly maintained. However, some businesses and individuals have car wraps that are older than seven years that look as beautiful and vibrant as they day they were installed.
  • Car wraps can be cost-effectively repaired after an accident or collision. What’s more, in many cases insurance will cover the costs.
  • No special cleansers or solvents are required to keep car wraps looking great. Regular cleaning with water and soap is sufficient (commercial car washes are not recommended).
  • Drying car wraps is fast and easy. Just use a silicone squeegee or clean microfiber cloth.
  • If you wish, you can wax car wraps to add an extra layer of protection (just ensure that it is a silicon or Teflon-based polish designed for car wraps and vehicle graphics).

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If you knew all 15 of these facts about car wraps, then we’re very impressed (and maybe you should send us your resume!). But it’s more likely that there were a few eye-openers up there that have you even more excited about car wraps. Contact us today to learn more. We’ll help you understand why more businesses and individuals across the country are saying YES to car wraps and reaping the rewards — and why you might want to join them!

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