6 Great Business Sign Ideas for New and Established Businesses

business sign ideasWhether your business has recently launched or you’ve been operating for years, professional, high quality business signs are a proven way to help you get noticed, stay remembered, and surge ahead in a crowded and competitive marketplace.  

To help you achieve these profitable goals, here are six great business sign ideas that are perfect for your new or established business:

Business Sign Idea: Channel Letters

3-D channel letters are designed to get noticed and make a positive impact, especially the all-important first impression — research by FedEx Small Business has found that 76% of customers have entered a business simply because they liked the sign. What’s more, if your business needs a highly conspicuous night sign presence, or you want to ensure that your sign is visible and noticeable under overcast conditions, channel letters can be brilliantly illuminated with energy efficient LEDs or neon lighting. 

Business Sign Idea: LED Message Centers

LED message centers are perfect for outdoor or indoor (e.g. menu boards, directories, etc.) use. You can easily change messaging to announce special promotions, milestones, updates, or any other relevant news or information. 

Business Sign Idea: Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are impressive, durable, affordable, professional, versatile, and extremely easy to maintain. They can be installed outdoors and/or indoors, and crafted in any size.  

Business Sign Idea: Monument Signs

Monument signs are free-standing signs that sit just above ground level. One of the most important benefits of monuments signs is that they can be crafted to perfectly match the surrounding architecture and esthetic. They’re also extremely durable, and can illuminated by LED floodlights for even greater visibility.

Business Sign Idea: Banner Signs

Banner signs are very affordable, professional, impressive, and can be rapidly designed and installed. Many successful businesses use banner signs to engage customers at the point of sale, direct foot traffic, and generate brand visibility at outdoor events (e.g. sponsorships, fairs, fundraising, etc.). It’s also possible to add a QR code to banner signs, so that current and future customers can head to a website (or other digital property, like a social media page) simply by pointing their smartphone.

Business Sign Idea: Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are an incredibly effective and affordable way to generate brand visibility. Consider these statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA): vehicle wraps reach 95% of drivers and generate 20,000-70,000 impressions per day, wrapping a fleet of vehicles can boost brand recognition and recall by 1,500 percent or more, and vehicle wraps generate more potential customers at a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than any other form of advertising.  

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