6 Ways to Reuse Business Banner Signs

bannersFor the most part, business banner signs are temporary. Lots of companies use banners to advertise an event, a new location opening, or a limited-time engagement. However, it’s actually possible to reuse quality business signs again and again to extract even more value from your purchase. To that end, today we’ll share six creative ways that business leaders can repurpose business banner signs: 

Seasonal Usage

Do you host a semi-annual or annual event at your organization? If so, then it’s not a bad idea to simply store your banners in a safe place until you have the occasion to put them back up again. A great banner will catch the eye and hold up to regular usage for years to come. Plus, if your banners contain branded images or your business’s name, reusing them can increase your brand visibility. Repeat customers will appreciate seeing a vibrant, yet familiar banner to welcome them back year after year. 

Create a Vintage Collection

Perhaps your banner contains information that is out-of-date, which prohibits you from displaying it on an annual basis. Still, you can hang onto your old banners and save them for historical purposes. For example, your organization might benefit from creating a display of old banners you once used for festivals or conferences. And you can show off the history of your company through retro banners. Alternatively, you could also consider giving banners to devoted fans of your organization –– who may wish to hang onto them for nostalgic purposes. 

Move to Another Location

One popular business banner sign is the “Coming Soon” design that lets consumers know a new shop is about to open. Businesses that continue to  expand can use these types of banners over and over again at new brick-and-mortar stores. (Just make sure there are no incorrect dates or erroneous details on a banner if you choose to move it to another locale.)

Make a Donation

Want to connect with other groups in your community? Then consider donating old banner signs to artists, schools, or other individuals who could use them. These temporary business banners are made with quality materials, and they can be used again to form new designs and art –– when placed in the right hands, of course. 

Use them as Cover

If you have a few old banners that you want to get rid of anyway, you might be able to use them as cover if you have a big project to take on. For instance, they can be used as a tarp for painters, or to cover a patch of land during extensive landscaping. 


Many business banners are made from recyclable materials. So if worst comes to worst, you can always choose to recycle them!

Contact the Pros

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