Augusta Sheriff’s Office Cracks Down On Illegal Signs

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Wherever you go, signs are everywhere: standing on rooftops, mounted on walls, standing alone by buildings, hanging as banners or awnings and even displayed on the sides of cars and trucks. And when you factor in the printed paper or cardboard signs businesses often use to their advertise sales and services, you can add in telephone poles and the sides of busy roads. However, the sheriff’s department in Richmond County, GA is cracking down on the latter.

While office signs and other professional signs made by local sign companies will be safe, the city of Augusta and the Sheriff’s Office are teaming up to collect the flyers and cardboard signs that litter local roadways, telephone poles and other areas. While rarely enforced, these advertising efforts are illegal in many areas, and the authorities are now taking a stand. Officers have reportedly collected eight dumpsters of signs so far, and repeat offenders could receive a fine or even lose their business license.

The sheriff’s office says that it is targeting the signs because they create a bad impression of the city. Unlike professional, permanent office signs made by a sign company, officers say the illegal signs make the streets look cluttered and ill-kept. Some of the signs also reportedly make questionable claims about the services they offer, which the officers say increases the likelihood of various crimes. For this reason, deputies have been instructed to quickly pull over and remove illegal signs whenever they have a few minutes.

This case in Augusta is the perfect exemplification of why businesses should make sure their advertising efforts are in keeping with local regulations; after all, why risk being fined or losing your business license? This is especially true when you consider the many types of signs available to you and your business, such as digital office signs. Studies show that these signs, which use moving graphics, are considered more unique, interesting, entertaining and less annoying than other media. Moreover, businesses with digital signage have been shown to average 30% more sales than locations with more traditional office signs. Take advantage of this opportunity: talk to outdoor sign companies in your area about creating legal, permanent, effective signs for your business today!

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