Businesses: Discover the Truth Behind 7 Common Misconceptions About Vehicle Wraps

vehicle wrapsAs you know, the worst fate that can befall your business is becoming the best-kept secret in your field. Indeed, in today’s relentlessly competitive and crowded marketplace, the only thing more precious and valuable than working capital is sustained visibility, and ensuring that you’re top-of-mind for profitable target audiences when they need and want your offerings.

In light of the above, a growing number of businesses are turning to vehicle wraps — and the only thing that may be stopping you from joining them are the following common misconceptions:

Misconception: People don’t really notice vehicle wraps.

Fact: A single vehicle wrap can generate up to 70,000 impressions each day. What’s more, unlike billboard advertising or conventional signage, you can head out to your target market instead of waiting (and hoping) that they notice you. For example, if you provide roof repair and replacement solutions, then you can drive your wrapped vehicle to older neighborhoods and be seen by thousands of prospective customers.    

Misconception: Vehicle wraps are expensive.

Fact: According to research by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle wraps provide the lowest cost-per-impression of any form of advertising.

Misconception: Businesses cannot wrap leased vehicles. 

Fact: Unless it is expressly forbidden — which is unlikely — vehicle wraps can be professionally installed and un-installed on any leased vehicle. There is no risk of damage to the factory paint. In fact, the vehicle wrap will protect the paint and overall finish from scratches, chips and UV damage, which means that the dealership or leasing company will get the vehicle back from you in much better shape than they typically do!   

Misconception: Vehicle wraps must be applied to an entire vehicle. 

Fact: Vehicle wraps can be applied to any part of a vehicle, such as the rear windshield or side. You are in full control.

Misconception: Vehicle wraps can only be applied to cars. 

Fact: Vehicle wraps can be applied to vans, trucks, RVs, and even golf carts. If it moves, then you can put a vehicle wrap on it!

Misconception: Vehicle wraps are costly and time consuming to clean and maintain. 

Fact: Vehicle wraps are remarkably easy to clean and maintain. There is no need for special cleansers. A simple hand washing with mild detergent will keep a vehicle wrap looking beautiful for years.

Misconception: Franchised businesses can’t use vehicle wraps. 

Fact: While it’s true that most franchised businesses must comply with branding rules and guidelines, this doesn’t necessarily mean that vehicle wraps can’t be part of the marketing and advertising solution. Most franchisees are authorized — and encouraged — to enhance their corporate logo and messaging with local flair. For example: businesses in St. Louis can add the Gateway Arch to their customized vehicle wrap.  

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