Discover the Benefits of a Portable Business Sign

a sunny sidewalk featuring a portable business sign that reads back in business ready to caffeinate!

Does your business operate in a temporary space, such as a market, mall or at conventions? Do your products and services change on a regular basis? Are you located away from main roads? Are you worried that you’re getting crowded out in a busy complex, or that the bigger business next door is stealing your thunder? Do you need to generate visibility of an event or sale across a wide territory?

 If you answered yes to any of these questions, a portable business sign is the solution you need! Portable business signs such as yard signs, changeable letter signs, and A-frame signs offer a host of benefits including greater pedestrian visibility, affordability and more. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits that these portable signs offer and the different types that could be used for your business.

Benefits of a Portable Business Sign

In addition to being mobile, portable business signs deliver a wide range of benefits. Not only are these signs better at calling the attention of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, but they promise lasting durability for years.

Portable business signs also boast other, related benefits such as:

  • They can be custom created in a matter of days.
  • They are priced much lower than conventional, permanent signage — but look professional and impressive.
  • They are perfect for testing a variety of different messages in various locations, in order to see which generates the best response.
  • They are a smart alternative when city ordinances or property managers impose strict rules about business signage height, width, illumination, etc.

Types of Portable Business Signs

There are many different portable business sign options to choose from based on your needs and budget. Here are three popular types:

1. Yard Signs

Yard signs are a highly cost-effective type of portable sign that can generate brand visibility and connect easily with customers. They are typically made of corrugated plastic or aluminum, which is durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant. 

Contrary to the name, yard signs certainly aren’t limited to being used in yards! Many businesses –– like real-estate companies –– use them in parking lots, along sidewalks, in road medians strips, and more. They also make ideal directional and way-finding signs to point pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the right direction.

2. A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs get their name from their “A” shape. These portable signs are especially popular in the restaurant, film and retail sectors. A-frame signs can be used to display everything from special offers to parking information — the list of possibilities is endless. 

A-frame signs are also great for indoor use, where they can showcase items, and attract attention and foot traffic at conferences and conventions. They are extremely lightweight, can set up in mere seconds, and look much more expensive than they actually cost. Plus, this portable signage pairs extremely well with banner signs that can be used for trade shows or other functions.

3. Changeable Letter Signs

Changeable letter signs have been used by businesses — as well as schools, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies — for decades, and it’s for a simple reason: they work! This portable signage is available in a variety of color combinations to optimize visibility (e.g. black letter on yellow background). They can also be enhanced with graphics, full-color logos, and yes, even emoticons. 

And don’t worry about someone rearranging the letters in the middle of the night. Changeable letter signs can be fitted with a locking system that thwarts would-be vandals. 

Looking for the perfect portable sign?

The above are just some of the portable business sign options that can help you get noticed in a crowded, competitive marketplace while providing your customers with helpful information about where to park, where to enter, and so on. To learn more, contact us today for your free consultation. Our experience is your advantage!