How to Hang a Banner: 5 Pro Tips

hanging a bannerA banner is a business investment, which means that you want to get as much value as possible — whether your goal is to increase brand visibility, attract traffic to your store or conference booth, or any other key objective.

To ensure that you maximize your ROI, here are five pro tips on how to hang a banner:

How to Hang a Banner Pro Tip #1: Use All of the Grommets if Hanging Your Banner Outdoors

Grommets are small reinforced metal rings found in the corners (and sometimes also along the sides) of a banner. If you’re hanging your banner outdoors, it’s important to use all of the grommets vs. some of them. That way, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of your banner flapping and tearing in the wind.

How to Hang a Banner Pro Tip #2: You don’t just have to use rope or string.

While rope and string are fine (provided they offer enough support and sturdiness), you may find it beneficial to use bungee cords, hanging clips or zip ties instead. As noted above, however, ensure that you use the grommets — especially if you’re using bungee cords, since the taut pull could (and probably would) otherwise tear the material.

How to Hang a Banner Pro Tip #3: Consider a backdrop frame for conferences.

If you want to display your banner at a conference (or any other indoor location, like an expo, workshop, trade show, etc.), then consider using a backdrop. It only takes a few minutes to setup, and it looks very sleek and professional.

How to Hang a Banner Pro Tip #4: Be careful with lampposts.

Before you hang a banner on a lamppost (which looks great, by the way!), ensure that you do two things. First, get permission from your local municipality. Second, invest in lamppost banner system to avoid having your banner tear or tilt sideways. After all, you need your banner to be an asset that showcases your brand, not a liability that damages it!

How to Hang a Banner Pro Tip #5: Consider a mesh banner for windy environments.

If your banner is going to be installed in a windy location, or if you are going to purchase a scaffold banner, then consider having it made from mesh. This reduces the impact of wind. This not only looks better, but it will greatly improve durability.

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