What are Magnetic Signs and How Are They Used?

without a signWhen it comes to advertising a business, signs are one of the most popular marketing choices. They’re everywhere you look: hanging from ceilings or walls indoors to direct visitors, or displayed outdoors on rooftops, walls, awnings, alongside buildings, and even on the sides of cars and trucks. Despite this prevalence, however, studies show that these signs are far from ubiquitous or banal: in fact, 35% of people say they wouldn’t know where a business was without a sign. Similarly, using a magnetic sign on your company vehicles is a great way to increase your sense of professionalism when making deliveries, attending events, or visiting clients. But what are magnetic signs? Should you talk to outdoor sign companies about making this item for you? And what are the top places to use magnetic signs, anyway?

What Are Magnetic Signs?
Magnetic signs are temporary displays, used to advertise a business, product, service or event. Typically made from a flexible vinyl sheet with magnetic compounds, they are usually about 12×18 inches or 18×24 inches, although a sign company can usually make custom sizes as well. Thickness also varies.

How Are Magnetic Signs Made?
Sign makers can use a variety of methods to make magnetic signs, including screen printing, hand painting, inkjet printing, and vinyl letter application. The technique used, among other factors, will determine the price, but all of the methods are fairly durable. Some people make their own signs with magnetic sheeting found at craft stores, but having a sign made by one of your local sign companies will typically yield a more professional, higher-quality product.

What Are the Top Places to Use Magnetic Signs?
Typically, magnetic signs are used on the sides of cars and other vehicles. However, they can be used anywhere you require a temporary sign, as long as the surface is metal. Food trucks or metal walls, for example, are some of the top places to use magnetic signs.

How Are Magnetic Signs Applied?
Before using a magnetic sign, experts typically recommend that you wash, dry and wax the area you intend to place it, especially if you want to use it on a vehicle. Next, carefully determine the site and mark it with a grease pencil before applying the sign. If you are unhappy with the positioning, simply peel it off instead of attempting to slide it. Once it is applied, remove the magnetic sign at least once a week and clean both sides, making sure to clean the surface as well. However, take care: some magnetic sheeting can cause chemical reactions, especially with car paint. Make sure your magnetic sign will not damage the surface before it is created by discussing the material with your sign company.

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