New Bill Could Allow Utah Businesses to Post Signs Along Scenic Byways

will a sign get my business noticedWhen it comes to office signs and other displays, business owners usually have one question: “will a sign get my business noticed?” In most situations, the answer is yes. Signs, which date back to Ancient Egypt and Rome, now exist in a variety of different forms, ranging from illuminated displays to digital billboards. Research indicates that the average person will see your sign about twice a day, or 60 times a month, creating a unique branding opportunity for many businesses. However, a new bill in Utah could reveal even more evidence in support of signs.

Called HB 269, the bill would allow tourist oriented directional signs (TODS) to be placed along scenic byways, such as State Road 12. In past years, placing signs on these roads was prohibited by the Utah Department of Transit due to a Highway Beautification Act that was passed in 1965. This Act was designed to protect natural and scenic beauty along highways by controlling billboards in certain areas. However, a recent program which allowed businesses to place signs near urban freeway and highway exits had a significant effect on local businesses. Now, local lawmakers and tourism leaders are interested in expanding sign usage elsewhere to further promote the economic success of their areas.

Scenic byways are a natural second step: State Road 12, for example, is considered one of the best automobile touring options for travelers headed towards the state’s national parks and monuments. By designating a road as a scenic byway, drivers are informed that they are on one of the most beautiful roads in the state, and have countless opportunities to experience Utah’s culture, history and recreation. Allowing businesses to place signs along these roads would only help the state fulfill this promise.

HB 269 was introduced during the 2015 legislative session by state Rep. Mike Noel. If it passes this year, a number of businesses could apply for approval to post their signs. However, these businesses will need to take proper precautions: signs exposed to lengthy periods of intense sunlight will require a UV-protective coating from one of their local sign companies to prevent fading. Outdoor sign companies in sunny Utah will likely understand the importance of this protection and have a number of suggestions to help businesses attract customers.

Still wondering “will a sign get my business noticed?” Wait for news from Utah, or simply talk to a sign company in your area today!

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