Sanford, Florida Adds New Signs To Help Set the Area Apart From Neighboring Communities

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Sanford is one of Central Florida’s largest cities, covering 23 square miles that seem even bigger when you factor in several other neighboring communities. For this reason, city commissioners recently decided to add a number of distinctive welcome signs, street pole banners and more to help visitors and motorists find their away. City officials hope the signs will not only be informative, but help convey a sense of identity, history and set it apart from the rest of the area.

New signs are a natural choice for this goal: studies show that 35% of people wouldn’t even know a business is at its location without a sign displayed. Moreover, the $150,000 project will likely be extremely beneficial to local sign companies, especially Sanford’s outdoor sign companies.

According to the city commissioners, the program has already had outdoor sign companies erect more than three dozen black decorative signs throughout Sanford. Each display helps guide visitors to various points of interest, including the downtown district, the Central Florida Zoo and the Orlando Sanford International Airport. These signs will work in conjunction with several previously-installed kiosks around the city which offer information on a number of prominent landmarks.

Next, the project will continue with three brick monument signs. Each will cost $15,000 and be nearly nine feet tall and seven feet wide. The commissioners also plan to have a sign company replace two existing “Welcome to Sanford” signs with LED messages boards with brick monument signs as well. City officials say that the existing signs are too expensive and difficult to maintain, but they may be missing out some important LED message benefits: studies show that up to 72% of consumers respond to an interactive message received if they’re in sight of the related retail location, and people also find the advertising to be more unique, interesting and entertaining than other media, as well as less annoying. Sanford also plans to install banners promoting city events on 30 street poles in prominent locations.

The new signs and banners have already been warmly accepted by a number of citizens and city officials. However, some people are still pushing for another monument sign on the west side of Sanford, saying that this area is currently neglected. But despite this request, most city residents seem convinced that the new change will help set their area apart.

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