Three Ways to Use a Banner

three ways to use a bannerSigns have been a popular form of advertising for centuries, with the first signs dating back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, where people used displays made from terracotta or stone. Today, however, your local sign companies have a much greater variety at their disposal: outdoor signs can be found on rooftops, walls, awnings, standing alone by buildings, hanging as banners, and even displayed on the sides of cars and trucks.

The average person will see these advertisements an average of twice per day, or around 60 times a month. Unlike other options, however, a banner is one of the few types of signs that can be hung and removed at will. But when are banners most used? Read on to find out.

Outside Your Store
Banners might not be professional enough to be used as office signs, but they are eye-catching and appealing, making them a great way to draw attention to your business. Whether you’re advertising a sale or displaying a slogan, banners can be a great way to turn heads and brand your business. Additionally, if you don’t have enough space of your own, you can consider asking a non-competing business if you can rent ad space on their building.

At an Event
If your business has a stall at a festival, concert or other social event, consider contacting a sign company to make you a banner. This is a great way to attract attention and provide viewers with helpful information even in crowded, busy, distracting settings.

Hanging at an Overpass
While this option will take some planning and official approval, railroad overpasses and bridges in high-traffic areas can be perfect places for banners. Not only is your banner eye-catching in and of itself, but the unexpected location can also make it memorable. Talk to your local government or railroad company about utilizing this option.

If you are looking for a way to advertise your business, you likely have a number of questions about different types of signs, ranging from “will a sign get my business noticed?” to “when are banners most used?” However, if you’re looking for a relatively durable but easily removable option that can be used in a variety of different situations, a banner is likely the choice for you. Talk to a sign company in your area today about creating and implementing this useful advertisement.

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