How to Make Your Vehicle Wraps Stand Out in the Crowd

vehicle wrapsIn professional sports, the best referees and umpires take pride in being (nearly) invisible. Indeed, if after a big game the debate and discussion is about the coaches, players and plays — and not about the officials or officiating — then at least for the men and women in striped shirts, it was a job well done and mission accomplished.

However, when it comes to vehicle wraps, being invisible is not just a bad outcome: it’s fatal. To that end, here are five ways to make your vehicle wraps stand out in the crowd:

1. Capture a Strong, Consistent and Concise Brand

Highly effective vehicle wraps must have outstanding branding. This means that regardless of whether the vehicle is moving or parked, people (i.e. target audiences) should instantly identify key brand elements such as logos, corporate colors, fonts, and (if applicable) signature images and graphics.
Plus, it doesn’t matter if a business isn’t a household name like Home Depot or UPS. A wrapped vehicle only has to be seen a few times for a business to be perceived as known, familiar and trusted relative to its competition. That’s the power of advertising!

2. Convey a Clear and Concise Message

Clarity is a must when it comes to effective vehicle wraps for two reasons: people are only looking at them for a few seconds at most, and many of those people will be dozens (or more) feet away.

Unfortunately, many businesses that design their own vehicle wraps end up making a major mistake: their design lacks clarity, which means that people can’t grasp key messages or elements like business name, website address or phone number.

3. Provide a Compelling Call to Action

Vehicle wraps must have a call to action that provides compelling direction. For example, if the goal is to get people to call a toll-free number, then this should clearly conveyed at least once — but potentially multiple times — throughout the design.

4. Use Professional-Grade Materials and Installation

Vehicle wraps that use inferior materials and/or that have been installed unprofessionally are not just a waste of money, but they are counter-productive: because they make a business look terrible and damage — rather than enhance —reputation.

5. Consider All of the Angles

Some vehicle wrap designs look great when all of the doors are closed and the windows are rolled-up. However, the same can’t be said when the doors are open or the windows are rolled-down. It’s important to think ahead while designing, and to consider all of the angles and configurations.

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