What’s New in the World of Advertising and Signs?

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What’s the latest in the world of advertising and signs? According to Business Insider, Facebook is going to get more pushy about encouraging advertisers to create silent ads.

While people are now watching about 100 million hours of video each and every day on Facebook, many of those are autoplay videos that silently play as users continue to scroll without listening. Facebook is revamping ads by launching an auto-captioning program, rather than relying on advertisers to embed the captions themselves. This helps improve video view time by about 12%, according to Facebook’s own internal tests.

At the end of the day, Facebook’s overall message is clear: companies need to make sure their ads suit the way consumers use the website, rather than the other way around. In a similar context, studies have shown that consumers prefer digital signs when it comes to banner signs, with 40% saying they are more likely to purchase from these retailers.

The Importance of Truth in Signage and Banner Signs
This past week, Uber agreed to pay out nearly $29 million to 25 million riders as the result of a class action suit. The issue: Uber called its safety checks “industry-leading” when, in fact, it left out elements other services, such as taxi companies, actually included (such as fingerprinting drivers). While it’s true that 50% of new customers report being attracted by an on-premise sign, and will see said sign on average twice a day, these signs need to be truthful.

Bringing the Billboard to the People
PETA is not a company known for playing it safe or conservative when it comes to ads, and this year has proved to be no exception. Multiple billboard companies said “absolutely not” to PETA’s newest ad, which attacks SeaWorld by questioning the methods the company uses for whale breeding. PETA wasn’t deterred and decided instead to create a “mobile ad” by displaying the message on the side of a truck by working with a mobile-oriented sign company. By displaying their billboard ad in a unique space, they may get even more attention than they would have otherwise. Vehicle wraps will, no doubt, get across PETA’s point.

Not everyone may be looking for a custom vehicle wrap in order to get word of their business out. By having honest advertising, though, and making sign solutions contextually appealing, businesses can get their point across — no matter what the medium.

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