Why Truck Wraps Deliver ROI for the Construction Industry

truck wrapsCompetition in the construction industry isn’t just aggressive –– it’s relentless! And that means construction companies need to protect their profit margins and add new customers constantly — otherwise before long, they’ll be on the selling block or maybe even facing bankruptcy.

Fortunately, there are practical and proven strategies to help construction companies stand out in a heavily saturated marketplace, and one of the most cost-effective options is truck wraps.

Here are the three key reasons why truck wraps deliver ROI for the construction industry:

Truck Wraps Get Noticed

There is a very simple reason why multi-billion dollar companies like McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, the Home Depot and others adorn their fleet with colorful and creative truck wraps: because they get noticed! Research by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has found that:

  • A truck that drives 30,000 miles per year will be seen by 18,000,000 other vehicles on the road.  
  • Truck wraps deliver between 30,000 and 70,000 ad impressions every day.  
  • 80% of people can recall key details about a truck wrap after seeing it only once, and 91% of people can recall significant about a truck wrap after seeing it a few times a week.

Truck Wraps are Surprisingly Affordable

For a budget of less than $5,000, a professional designed and installed truck wrap will generate about 1.25 million impressions per year — which is far more than radio (about 135,000), bus advertising (about 90,000), and billboards (about 100,000).  

It Makes Your Business Seem Larger

Let’s say you buy a brand new blue pick-up truck, and then you start seeing a blue pick-up truck every day during your daily commute. What will you conclude? Naturally, you’ll believe that many smart people (like you!) are also buying blue pick-up trucks — even if, in truth, you are seeing the same blue pick-up truck each day.

The same perceptual logic works with truck wraps. When you install a wrap on one, two, or a few of your trucks, you’ll create the impression in your target market that you have a large and growing fleet. Small moving companies have been using this strategy for years, and now your construction company can benefit from the playbook, too!

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