Construction Site Signs

Construction Site Signs to Ensure Safety & Meet Compliance 

Construction activity — such as roadway paving, demolitions, excavations, residential construction, large-scale painting projects, and the list goes on — is considered high-hazard activity by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA).

As such, property construction site signs are mandatory to inform workers and visitors about critical safety policies and rules, as well as protect members of the general public outside of the construction zone (pedestrians and/or drivers).

Full Range of Construction Site Signs

At Landmark Signs, we provide construction companies — from small general contractors to large firms — with a full range of construction site signs, so they can ensure safety and meet compliance.  Some of our most popular construction site signs include: 

  • Mandatory Hard Hat Area Signs
  • Job Site Safety Signs
  • Road Construction Signs
  • Eye Safety Signs
  • Crane Safety Signs
  • Fall Protection Signs
  • Gas Cylinder Signs
  • Mandatory Gloves/Hand Protection Signs
  • Mandatory Safety Shoes Signs
  • Scaffold Safety Signs
  • Roll-Up Construction Signs
  • Ladder Safety Signs
  • Signs that deter theft and vandalism by warning potential criminals of surveillance cameras, on-site security guard monitoring, etc.

These are just some of the many construction site signs that we offer. If what you need is not on the list, contact us — because we can do it all!

Customized Post and Panel Signs for Construction Sites

We offer a wide selection of customized post and panel signs that can be used on construction sites as a:

  • Wayfinding (directional) marker to point human and/or vehicle traffic in the right direction.
  • Marketing tool to attract customers (e.g. “Phase 2 construction underway — register now!”).
  • Showcase a beautiful full-color graphic of what the area will look like when construction is complete.

In addition, post and panel signs can be illuminated by external LED lighting to ensure they get noticed, and are clearly readable day and night.

Durable and Built to Last

Our weatherproof and rust proof construction site signs are durable and built to last — which is especially important in construction zones that are exposed to high winds, severe temperatures, and heavy precipitation.  

Contact Us to Learn More

Displaying the correct type of construction site signs is not just the right thing to do: it’s also the law. At Landmark Signs, we make getting the signage solutions you need fast, easy and affordable. Simply put: you focus on your complex and important project, and leave all of your construction site sign needs to us! Contact us today for a free quote on the signs you need.