Counter Wraps

Counter Wraps Elevate Your Business & Impress Your Customers

In today’s relentlessly competitive business landscape, getting your brand message across — and connecting with your target customers across the noise and distraction — is a difficult and constant challenge. Fortunately, that is where counter wraps enter the picture and make a major difference!

The Magic of Counter Wraps

Counter wraps transform any counter — such as those in a showroom, retail point-of-sale, or corporate reception area — into a powerful marketing machine that drives brand awareness, and conveys key information related to product benefits/features, upsell opportunities, special offers, contests, website information, and more.

Completely Customizable

Counter wraps are entirely customizable, which means that you are in full control of the size, shape, color, graphics, text, and any other elements — such as adding a QR code that customers or visitors can scan with their smartphone. While other businesses are taking a generic and ordinary approach to branding, your business will stand out and make a positive impression.

Surprisingly Affordable  

Although counter wraps look as good — if not often better — than large billboards, they are surprisingly affordable, and significantly less costly than other types of indoor or outdoor signage. Remember: you have already paid for the counters that are serving a functional purpose in your showroom, retail store or corporate office. Simply adding counter wraps lets you unleash more value and ROI.

Perfect Fit

Our experts precisely measure the application area (front, sides and/or top) of your counter(s), in order to ensure a perfect fit. In fact, your customers and other visitors will be so impressed that they will think your counters were created with the graphics built-in vs. added-on at a later date.

Built to Last — but Not to Damage

Our counter wraps are built to last, which means that there is no risk of peeling or fading. Yet at the same time, they will not inflict any damage whatsoever to counter surface, and can be completely removed in the future. In fact, counter wraps can actually protect the counter surface from scratches, dirt and stains!

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