3 Reasons to Install a Vinyl Wallpaper Mural at Your Business Landmark Sign Company December 8, 2022

3 Reasons to Install a Vinyl Wallpaper Mural at Your Business

customer in a mural vinyl wallpaper store holding a tube of paper mural wallpaper.One of the easiest ways for your business to make a lasting impression on consumers is to create a striking focal point in your store. Your store’s interior speaks to your overall brand, after all, highlighting your company’s interests and concerns, and ultimately, revealing your priorities. Thus, what better way to market your brand and influence business than by installing an eye-catching wall feature such as a vinyl wallpaper mural? A custom vinyl wallpaper mural not only elevates your retail or office space, but it can also be used to facilitate meaningful dialogue that keeps you top-of-mind with consumers, even after they walk out the door. Landmark can help you not only design a vinyl mural but also provide vinyl wallpaper installation in the St. Louis area.

What IS a Vinyl Wallpaper Mural?

A vinyl wallpaper mural is like a gigantic decal, which can be applied in sections or as one large piece to form a visual display on a wall. Each mural can be customized with words and/or graphics to convey a specific message or simply decorate a space. These vinyl wallpaper murals can be attached to a variety of surfaces both indoors and out, including brick, concrete, plaster, and drywall. And, because of the way vinyl adheres to various surfaces, a vinyl wallpaper mural often appears as if it’s painted directly onto a surface, yet it remains easily removable!

Why Vinyl Wallpaper Murals are Great for Almost Any Business

They’re Eye-Catching and Unique

In business, it’s important to stand out from the competition. A vinyl wallpaper mural is unique and not something customers routinely see, easily grabbing the attention of those who enter your store. When done well, it can have an enduring impact on the people who encounter it, reminding them time and again of your business and your brand.

They’re Easy to Install – and Remove

Unlike paint or actual wallpaper, a vinyl wallpaper mural can be quickly installed with little hassle. There is no wet paint that needs to dry or adhesive that can drip on the floors, so you won’t need any unusual installation supplies. Vinyl murals require little to no maintenance, so once you’ve placed it on the wall, there’s really no more work to be done. . When it comes time to change up the look of your store, it can be removed with minimal effort, and won’t do any damage to the surface underneath.

They’re Affordable, and Sometimes Even Profitable

Not only do vinyl wallpaper murals often save companies money over other forms of advertising or decor, but they have been shown to bring money in, too! Color can actually affect our emotions and feelings and, according to research, even drive purchasing behaviors. In fact, almost 75 percent of quick-decision purchases were done so based on colors used in packaging or on the product itself.  Thus, having a colorful display that grabs consumers’ attention can be a catalyst that gravitates consumers to your brand and propels them to future purchases, generating more profit for your company down the line.

Let Landmark Sign Help You Create a Lasting Impression 

A vinyl wallpaper mural is an interesting and often memorable way to make a good impression on the people who walk in your office or store. The right choices can help evoke particular emotions, drive purchases, or simply get people talking, spreading the word about what you have to offer. To learn more about designing and installing a vinyl wallpaper mural for your own commercial space, contact our team at Landmark Sign Company today.