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Elevate Your Business With Monument Signs

From design conceptualization to installation, our dedicated team ensures every detail aligns with your vision, ensuring your Monument Sign becomes an iconic representation of your business.

Monument signs are essential to boosting the visibility of your business, subdivision, campus, or organization. In many instances, monument signs are the first thing visitors see when they drive to your location. Therefore, it’s crucial to make a good first impression with a professional-grade sign. 

Because of their size, monument signs often require significant coordination between the local municipality, the landlord, and third-party contractors like electricians or engineers.

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Monument signs are a type of signage typically very large and free-standing, installed on the ground. They’re designed and installed to last for an extremely long time.

Monument signs are usually constructed with very durable materials such as:

  • Stone
  • Stainless steel
  • Brick

A well-designed monument sign can transform the outside of a business. They create a strong visual impact and immediately establish your brand for customers who see it. They’re also very versatile and affordable for their value. Clients have a wide range of materials, styles and illumination options to create the best monument sign for their business.

When It Comes To Signs, There’s Only One Landmark.

By partnering with Landmark Sign Company, you can create a quality monument sign that catches the eye and matches your branding style.

We offer a wide range of monument sign options, and we’re comfortable working with different materials, color palettes, and textures. Services include both mounted and stand-alone monument signs. We have years of experience in the St. Louis area. We’ve partnered with chains, small businesses, subdivisions, and even entire plazas to create eye-catching and well-designed monument signs.

Our expert team will ensure that your project goes off without a hitch. We’ll communicate with you throughout the process, discussing design possibilities and budgeting options, helping you customize your sign, and ensuring your sign complies with all local and state ordinances. From design and creation to installation –– we’ve got you covered.

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