Subdivision Entrance Signs

Auburn Hills Subdivision Entrance SignSubdivision Entrance Signs to Inform, Invite & Impress

The importance of customized, durable and impressive subdivision entrance signs cannot be underestimated. Not only do they serve an important functional purpose a directional marker, but they also create a sense of community and enhance community property values.

There are many different types of subdivision entrance signs available. Below are some of the most popular options:

  • Monument Signs

Monument signs have a low-to-the-ground profile, and are ideal for subdivision entrance signs. They are also commonly used in schools, churches, medical complexes and business complexes.

Monument signs are available in a variety of materials, such as stone, brick, wood, stucco, and more. Because of their ultra-study construction, they are built to withstand high winds and other severe weather condition. In addition, they can be illuminated by external LED floodlights (either mounted on the sign itself or in front of the sign).

Another key advantage of monument signs is that they are typically permitted — and in fact welcomed — by municipalities, since they add to the community’s esthetics and are very “resident-friendly” compared to other signs that are situated close to homes, and which often generate plenty of complaints. Simply put: monument signs look great, are not obtrusive or distracting, and are an asset to the neighborhood.

  • Plaque Entrance Signs

Plaque entrance signs are smaller than monument signs, which may be an advantage if there is limited space available. Often, homebuilders and planners will combine a mix of monument signs with plaque entrance signs installed throughout the community (i.e. a monument sign at the main or principal entrance, with plaque signs at secondary entrances).

Plaque entrance signs are available in a variety of materials, such as cast aluminum, cast bronze, sandblasted granite, and much more. They are also durable and built to handle sizzling summers and chilly winters.

  • Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs make outstanding subdivision entrance signs. As the name suggests, this type of sign consists of a panel that is mounted between two posts that support the sign face and mount the unit.

With post and panel signs, there is virtually no limit to the number of design options, including style, shape, and finish. They are also easy to install and can be illuminated by externally-mounted LED lighting.

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