Dimensional Letter Signs: What Are They And When to Use Them Landmark Sign Company April 8, 2024

Dimensional Letter Signs: What Are They And When to Use Them

dimensional letter signage on coffee shop store front

First impressions matter more now than ever before. For small businesses looking to make their mark, dimensional letter signage can be the beacon that guides customers to your door. But what exactly is a dimensional letter sign, and why is it the right choice for your branding and visibility needs?

The Essence of Dimensional Letter Signage

Dimensional letter signs, sometimes referred to as 3D signs or raised letter signs, are a type of signage that, instead of laying flat on the surface, projects outwards. These signs are typically made of durable materials and can be used both indoors and outdoors to display the name of your business, a logo, or any other important information you want to communicate to your audience.

The defining feature of dimensional letter signage is, of course, its depth. Unlike flat signage, which might consist of vinyl decals or direct printing onto a surface, dimensional letters give a sign a more substantial and eye-catching quality. They can be flush-mounted or used with spacers to create a layered effect, enhancing the visual interest and making your brand message pop.

Know Your Material and Thickness Options

When considering dimensional letter signage, you’re confronted with a kaleidoscope of options regarding materials and thicknesses. Here’s where the choices get interesting and personal to your brand’s image:

Material Options

Materials commonly used for these signs include acrylic and aluminum. Acrylic is often chosen for its crisp, clean look and affordability, while aluminum is valued for its longevity and more high-end appearance.


  • Offers a sleek, modern finish
  • Considered the budget-friendly option, particularly in thinner thicknesses
  • Comes in a range of colors and can be translucent, perfect for adding lighting behind the sign


  • Excellent for either exterior or interior use
  • Can be painted or anodized to achieve the look you desire
  • A more expensive choice that conveys a professional and substantial image

Thickness Matters

The distinction doesn’t stop at materials—the thickness of your dimensional letters can influence their overall impact as well.

  • From Thin to Chunky: The thickness varies from as thin as 1/8” to a substantial 1.5” for acrylic and 1/8” to 1” for aluminum. Thin signs offer a sleek and subtle look while thicker signs are bold and can even cast a shadow, adding depth and drama to your signage.

Selecting the material and thickness that align with your brand’s aesthetics and the location of your sign can make a significant difference in the perception and longevity of your sign investment.

The Advantages of Dimensional Letters

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, they come with a host of benefits that other types of signage may not offer.

Enhanced Visibility

One of the most notable advantages is their increased visibility. The fact that they stand out from a wall or other surface means they can catch the eye from greater distances and from different angles, especially when properly lit. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses looking to maximize their presence and ensure their signage does not go unnoticed.

Professional Appearance

Dimensional letter signs convey a sense of professionalism and permanence. Their three-dimensional nature gives off the impression of quality and investment in your business, which can subconsciously reassure potential customers about the products or services they will find inside.

Durability and Maintenance

High-quality signs are built to last. They are typically resistant to weather and fading, making them a reliable choice for outdoor signage in all seasons. Additionally, because they are crafted from sturdy materials, they often require little maintenance, barring any unexpected physical damage.

Take Your Brand to New Heights

For more insights and personalized guidance on what dimensional letter signage would suit your business best, consult Landmark Sign

Whether you’re a start-up looking to make waves or an established brand aiming to refresh your image, the right sign can be your most powerful salesperson, drawing in customers with ease.