5 Types of Wall Murals for Your Business Landmark Sign Company July 28, 2020

5 Types of Wall Murals for Your Business

Companies spend thousands of dollars on digital and traditional marketing methods just to boost their brand name and increase awareness. On the other hand, a well-placed and eye-catching wall mural can catch a customer’s attention and inspire them to explore your business further. With that in mind, today we’ll review five different types of wall murals for businesses that customers will be sure to love.

An Introduction to Wall Murals

Historically, wall murals are applied directly to the wall with oil paint or acrylic paint by an artist. They are usually large in size and have a huge impact on any space. Modern wall murals are usually printed graphics on vinyl adhesive, giving clients the flexibility to choose designs that meet their exact specifications.

Exterior Wall Murals

A big, bold custom wall mural on a business’s facade is a sure-fire way to attract more customers in your neighborhood. In this regard, businesses may opt for a straightforward image of their logo or the company’s name. Or, get creative and combine a traditional business sign with a more detailed and abstract mural on your headquarters’ windows, door, or facade. By combining the two, you’ll generate more interest in your organization.

Wall Murals to Elicit an Emotion

Wall murals, like art, can be used to convey an emotion or to elicit an emotional response from their viewers For instance, professionals like dentists have to deal with lots of nervous and anxious clients. And individuals who have to visit a law office may also be on edge. As such, organizations like these can utilize relaxing images, signs, and mural designs to put their customers’ minds at ease. On the other end, a hot rod mechanic might want a wall mural that conveys the excitement and freedom that comes with driving in a sports car. Anything that improves the customer experience in this way is a worthwhile investment.

Storytelling Wall Murals

Some companies use signage and artwork to display important information about their organization. Wall murals are useful to display core values or mission statements. Business leaders could ask individual team members to contribute meaningful phrases or images to create a collage-style mural. For a more abstract approach, wall murals often tell a story of a place or a journey. For example, your company’s history, or a celebration of your location’s history.

Branded Wall Murals

If you already have a strong regional or national brand image, then it makes total sense to incorporate that brand in a beautiful custom wall mural. At the end of the day, you want customers to have positive feelings when they enter your place of business. A well-placed branded wall mural can act as a beacon for your best customers. Companies that are seeking to build up their brand image may want to explore this strategy as well.

Great Art

Of course, there’s no substitute for compelling artwork. A gorgeous wall mural –– regardless of its content or connection to an organization –– can still act to beautify a public space and make it more welcoming to all visitors.

Curious About Leveraging the Power of a Custom Wall Mural?

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