Project Spotlight: Local Convenience Store Graphics Landmark Sign Company February 1, 2023

Project Spotlight: Local Convenience Store Graphics

In many St. Louis area communities, it’s no question that there are plenty of convenience stores to choose from. How does one attempt to sway customers to choose their location over others? Ensuring the inside of your location is clean and products are well-stocked is great, but you also need excellent, professional signage both inside and out that helps customers find exactly what they’re looking for. When Thoele Convenience Stores contacted us, they let us know exactly what they were looking for, and our Landmark Sign team got to work, creating custom graphics to fulfill their needs.

Custom Convenience Store Graphics & Signs

Our team at Landmark Sign Company designed and fabricated custom graphics and flat-cut acrylic dimensional letters and the logo. This signage was done both inside and out, specifically at the newest Thoele location in St. Charles, Missouri.

The St. Charles Thoele location was equipped with an ice-cold, walk-in beer “vault” for shoppers. In order to call attention to it, they wanted to create a unique entryway. We designed and installed these custom graphics to create the appearance of a bank-style vault around the sliding glass doors. Since the addition of the graphics, this Beer Vault quickly became a landmark within the local area.

The store located on Howdershell Road was looking to make the soda fountain area an immediate attraction for incoming customers. Using custom graphics and front lit/reverse-lit channel letters did exactly that.

Throughout the store’s interior, there are several areas to grab a cold drink. However, with so many options, it was difficult to know just where to walk without any signage. To keep customers from having to walk laps around the perimeter to find their favorite beverage, we created custom flat-cut acrylic letters that were mounted on custom-built shelves. These were placed all around the store, so from the moment customers set foot inside, there would be no doubt in their minds that they would be able to find just what they need.

Serving A Convenience Store with a Family History

It began in 1955 when the Thoele family started the business with a dump truck selling coal and oil to heat homes.  In 1962, Roy and Donna Thoele established their first convenience store located at 3000 North Highway 94 in St. Charles, MO.  Today, the Thoele family has real estate and asphalt businesses and continues to grow their convenience stores – run by second-generation Mike and Linda. 

They now own and operate 13 stores in various locations from St. Charles to St. Louis to Lincoln County, providing all the conveniences we’ve come to expect – from quality fuels to fountain drinks and ice cold beer to pizza, snacks, and sandwiches to gifts, personal items, and much more.  Look for the Thoele name for friendly, quality conveniences!

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