3 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Business Signs Stand Out Landmark Sign Company December 30, 2019

3 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Business Signs Stand Out

outdoor business signsIt goes without saying that to get the most value and impact from your outdoor business signs, they must stand out and get noticed — otherwise, they might as well not exist. Yet surprisingly, a significant number of outdoor business signs are either instantly forgettable or virtually invisible; which is not just a huge waste of money, but leads to lost sales and customers. Alas, the only folks who are happy about that are the competition!

It (also) goes without saying that you have no interest in helping your competitors succeed at your expense. As such, here are three ways to make your outdoor business signs stand out and get remembered:

  1. Ensure that your outdoor business signs are large enough and installed high enough.

Many outdoor business signs fail to get the job done because they are not large enough to be clearly viewed by passing traffic (foot and/or vehicle), and/or they are not installed high enough to avoid obstructions. It’s extremely important to focus on these key details during the design phase. Changing things around after installation will be costly and time consuming.

  1. Illuminate your outdoor business signs.

You don’t have to run a resort hotel on the Las Vegas Strip to know that illuminated business signs get noticed far more than non-illuminated outdoor business signs. There are multiple options available, including crystal clear, energy-efficient LEDs, backlit channel letters, front-facing floodlights (which are ideal for signs closer to the ground such as monument signs), and much more. Illuminated outdoor business signs are especially important and effective if your business wants a highly conspicuous nighttime sign presence (e.g. restaurant, club, café, etc.).

  1. Add an LED message center.

LED message centers allow you to express custom messages to your customers, such as information about your sales and promotions, business hours, holiday wishes, milestones (e.g. anniversaries), and the list goes on. And don’t worry about having to call a specialist every time you want to change your message. You can do this easily and in a matter of seconds, anytime that you wish.

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