6 Reason that LED Signs Might be Right for Your Business Landmark Sign Company October 18, 2017

6 Reason that LED Signs Might be Right for Your Business

LED signAs a customer, you’ve seen thousands — or make that hundreds of thousands — of them of the years, and as they’ve influenced your behavior and decisions on everything from where to shop, what to buy, and even how much to buy (and how often to go back for more!). Of course, we’re talking about LED signs.

But does this mean that you should add LED signs to your business? Here are 6 reasons why this could be a smart, strategic and highly profitable decision:

1. You want to change your customized message.

LED signs give you a degree of customized messaging flexibility that cannot be matched by another other type of signs, and will help your business stand out in a crowded, competitive marketplace. Within seconds, you can change your display to highlight a sale or special announcement, celebrate staff (e.g. milestone anniversaries, employee of the month, etc.), convey seasonal or holiday greetings, and the list goes on.

2. You want to convey a fresh, modern image.

LED signs have an innovative, futuristic appeal that helps attract sophisticated customers. What’s more, you can integrate animation into your LED signs to make an even greater impact and leave a lasting, positive impression.

3. You want to drive and direct in-store traffic.

If you think that LED signs are only for external signage, then think again! You can install them in-store to drive and direct traffic — which is not only appreciated by customers who easily find what they need, but can boost sales (both in overall numbers, and average sale per transaction since customers may buy more).

4. You want signs that last for decades.

Quality LED signs are designed to withstand whatever other Mother Nature — and her pal Old Man Winter — decide to throw your way. This is especially important to businesses in cities around the country (such as St. Louis) that can literally go from mild and sunny one hour, to cold, rainy, icy and snowy the next.

5. You want to keep your signage costs low.

Given their long lifespan, low maintenance requirements, and the fact that LED lighting is designed to be extremely energy efficient, LED signs are a very low-cost investment

6. You want you sign to be visible from multiple angles and in different lighting conditions.

LED signs are crisp and clear and don’t reflect light from external sources (e.g. sunlight, headlights), so there’s no glare to impede visibility. Larger LED signs are also ideal for connecting with drivers on nearby roads and freeways.

The Bottom Line 

To learn more about LED signs and to see if they’re ideal for your business — outside and/or inside — contact the Landmark Signs team today. Your consultation with us is free.