The Ultimate Guide to Designing Dimensional Signs  Landmark Sign Company May 17, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Designing Dimensional Signs 

dimensional signage on a store front

Effective signage is more than just a marker; it’s a statement, a silent ambassador, and a beacon that guides your customers to your business. When it comes to making a mark that lasts, dimensional signs project professionalism, longevity, and brand recognition.

The Essentials of Dimensional Sign Design

When choosing a sign for your business, there are several important factors to think about carefully.

1. Material Matters

Your first step on the road to dimensional signage is selecting the right material. Options range from aluminum to acrylic, each bringing its personality to the design. The material you choose should not only align with your brand’s narrative but also withstand the external elements that the sign will face. Besides size, the material you select for your dimensional signage plays a significant role in determining costs.

2. The Art of Color and Finish

When it comes to your sign, the colors and finish are what give it character. Your colors should match your brand, but the finish adds texture and depth. You can find different paint options, from metallic to matte, and metal finishes like brushed, mirror, and bronze. Are you looking for a high-gloss finish to make a bold statement or a matte one that speaks of subdued sophistication? We can match colors exactly so that they are consistent in your sign.

3. Typography and Branding

The font and the words on your sign can tell a story in their own right. A font, designed cleverly, can convey tradition, modernity, friendliness, or the starkness of professionalism. Make sure your chosen letters communicate your brand’s essence and are easily readable, even from a distance. We can help modify your existing logo to ensure it translates seamlessly into a dimensional sign, addressing issues such as thin strokes or wispy elements.

4. Scale and Size

How big is too big, or not big enough? Finding the perfect scale and size for your sign is crucial. If it’s too small, the lettering might become illegible. If it’s too large, it could overpower its surroundings. Your sign should be a comfortable, visible presence that doesn’t overshadow your intended message. We provide scaled concept drawings, superimposing your logo on the area where your sign will go, ensuring visual clarity and impact.

The Benefits of Dimensional Signage

Dimensional signs offer benefits that extend beyond mere visibility. Here’s why dimensional signs are a small business’s must-have.

  • Enhanced Visibility and Brand Recognition: In a world brimming with visual clutter, dimensional signage rises to the occasion, making your business stand out. The three-dimensional aspect captures attention and embodies quality craftsmanship, which is hard to ignore.
  • Professional Aesthetic Appeal: In essence, a well-designed sign sets the tone for a professional interaction from the moment a customer sets their eyes on it.
  • Durability: Unlike temporary banners or billboards, dimensional signs are built to last. These signs are crafted with durable materials and, when properly maintained, will serve as a long-term investment in your business’s image.

The Design Process Explained

Once you’ve decided on the type of dimensional sign, it’s time to jump into the design process. 

Begin with an Accurate Measurement

Precision is key in the design world. You will need accurate measurements of the space where the sign will be installed. Using these measurements, a design proof will be created for your review and approval, ensuring the sign fits perfectly in your space.

Focus on the Mounting Options

The method used to mount your sign can influence its prominence and visual appeal. Consider whether you want your letters to sit flush against the wall or be installed on standoffs, raising them off the wall slightly (for example, 1 inch). Standoffs accentuate the shape and silhouette of the letters and create shadows, so your choice should be influenced by the lighting in the room and the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Most letters are stud or “pin” mounted on the wall, with studs ranging from 2 to 6 inches long. However, if your wall won’t accept studs or if the letters are very small, tape mounting may be an option. Think about the size of your letters, the characteristics of your wall, and the overall look you want to achieve when deciding on the mounting method for your dimensional sign.

Dimensional Signage with Landmark 

For business owners looking to make a lasting impression, a well-crafted dimensional sign is key. For more information on designing and obtaining your own custom dimensional signage, reach out to us at Landmark Sign.