Hadley Pottery Landmark Sign Company January 19, 2015

Hadley Pottery

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Born into a family of clay tile makers in Terre Haute, IN, Mary Alice Hadley employed her artistic ability and knowledge of clay in creating beautiful custom pottery dishes in the 1930’s.  So many requests for her pottery grew into orders from around the country and in 1945, the Hadley Pottery Company was founded in Louisville, KY, where the handcrafted pottery is still made today.  Hadley Pottery is not only decorative and functional, it is extremely durable; its strength derived from a onetime firing cycle.  The pottery is formed much like it was 70 years ago, using clay native to Kentucky and Indiana.  Each piece is hand painted and signed “M.A. Hadley” by the artist trained in the Hadley style.  Today Hadley Pottery is carried at select stores, including Old House in Hog Hollow, Moonbeams, and Provence Boutique in the St. Louis area, in addition to White Birch in Alton, IL.  Go to www.hadleypottery.com to shop, find a store, or learn more about this fantastic treasure rich in American historical roots.

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About the signs:  The St. Louis owners of Hadley Pottery wanted their Louisville, KY store and factory decor to include large images highlighting the unique charm and intricate detail of the handcrafted pottery.  They had professional photographs taken for various display purposes but wanted them enlarged and presented for customers and tourists to see on the walls of their salesroom.  Landmark Sign Company used the latest in large format full color digital printing and graphic design tools to edit the photos just right and then print and laminate them to be ready for the simple  hand crafted frames that showcase the best of the Hadley Pottery collections.