3 Reasons to Install a Vinyl Wallpaper Mural at Your Business Landmark Sign Company August 30, 2021

3 Reasons to Install a Vinyl Wallpaper Mural at Your Business

vinyl wallpaper muralOne of the easiest ways for your business to make a lasting impression with consumers is to create a striking focal point in your store. Your store’s interior speaks to your overall brand, after all, highlighting your company’s interests and concerns, and ultimately revealing your priorities. Thus, what better way to market your brand and influence business than by installing an eye-catching wall feature such as a vinyl wallpaper mural? A custom vinyl wallpaper mural not only jazzes up your retail space, it can be used to facilitate meaningful dialogue that keeps you front of mind with consumers even after they walk out the door. Here are three reasons to install a vinyl wallpaper mural:

But First, What IS a Vinyl Wallpaper Mural?

A vinyl wallpaper mural is like a gigantic decal, which can be applied in sections or as one large piece to form a visual display on a wall. Each one can be customized with words and/or graphics to convey a specific message and/or decorate a space and can be attached onto a variety of surfaces (brick, concrete, plaster, drywall and more!) — both inside and out! And because of the way vinyl adheres to a variety of surfaces, a vinyl wallpaper mural often appears as if its painted directly onto a surface, yet it remains easily removable!

Take a look at why a vinyl wallpaper mural is a great choice for many types of businesses:

It’s Unusual

In business, it’s important to be unique. A vinyl wallpaper mural is unusual and will grab the attention of those who enter your store. When done well, it can have an enduring impact on the people who encounter it, reminding them time and again of your business and your brand.

It’s Easy

Unlike paint or actual wallpaper, a vinyl wallpaper mural can be quickly installed with little hassle. There is no wet paint or adhesive to drip or dry, no unusual installation supplies and no maintenance. Furthermore, it can be removed with little effort and no damage to the surface underneath.

It’s Profitable

Not only do vinyl wallpaper murals often save companies money (since they can be more affordable than other forms of advertising/decor), they have been shown to bring money in! According to research, color affects our emotions and feelings, which in turn drive our buying behaviors. Thus, having a colorful display that grabs consumers’ attention can be a catalyst that propels consumers to future purchases, generating more profit for your company down the line.

Learn More Now

A vinyl wallpaper mural is an interesting and often memorable way to make a good impression on the people who walk in your office or store. To learn more about designing and installing a vinyl wallpaper mural for your own business space, contact our team at Landmark Signs.