How to Hang a Banner on a Wall or Other Surface Landmark Sign Company November 15, 2022

How to Hang a Banner on a Wall or Other Surface

A banner is a business investment, which means that you want to get as much value as possible — whether your goal is to increase brand visibility, attract traffic to your store or conference booth, or any other key objective. Part of displaying your banner properly is understanding how to hang it correctly so it’s easy to see and remains in place until you’re ready to remove it yourself. Whether you’re wondering how to hang a banner on a wall, adhere it to an event table, or hang it from overhead, we are here to offer you some pro tips that will ensure you maximize your ROI. 

Grommets, Pole Pocket, or Nothing: What is Your Banner Equipped With? 

Before you can determine the best way to hang your banner, you first need to evaluate what your banner is actually equipped with. Grommets are small, reinforced metal rings that are typically found in each of the corners (and sometimes along the sides) of a banner. A pole pocket is essentially when a portion of the banner (usually across the top or bottom) is folded over to create a sleeve-like opening that a pole can easily slide into for the banner to hang from. Some banners may come with neither of these options, but in general, if you are opting for some form of business banner, you should have either grommets or pole pockets for the best durability and placement results.

What to Use When Hanging a Banner

There are a variety of items or materials you can use to hang a banner on a wall or secure to other locations. 

Some of the most popular items businesses use to hang and secure banners include: 

  • Bungee cords
  • Nylon rope
  • Carabiners, or hanging clips
  • Zip ties
  • Suction cups with hooks
  • Adhesive velcro strips or squares
  • Strong magnets for metal surfaces
  • Poles or scaffolding bars run through pole pockets

Again, the method you choose will depend on whether your banner has grommets, a pole pocket, or other hanging options. Also, it’s important to remember that what works for one banner may not be the best idea for another, so evaluate where your banner will be located – and what kind of environment it could be up against – when determining what you will use to hang your banner. With the right approach, banners can be hung directly on walls; between posts; hanging from the ceiling, awnings, or balconies; fences; tables; and so much more.

Pro Tips for Hanging a Banner

Hanging Your Banner Outdoors

Many businesses purchase banners to hang outdoors, but that also means they’re more susceptible to wind and weather, making the right hanging approach crucial. If your banner has grommets, be sure to secure all of the grommets available rather than only a few. This will greatly reduce the chances of the banner flapping and tearing in the wind.  If you have a banner with pole pockets, place it over a secured pole or bar. Rope can also be run through the pockets to tie the banner securely if hooks or other means of attachment are available. If the banner has a pole pocket along the bottom, place a heavier pole or bar securely inside to help prevent the banner from flapping in the wind.

Look for Options Outside of Rope or String

When working with grommets, rope and string are usually fine choices (provided they offer enough support and sturdiness), but you may find it more beneficial to use bungee cords, hanging clips or zip ties instead. However, these options are best used for banners with grommets— especially if you’re using bungee cords, since the taut pull could (and probably would) otherwise tear the material.

Use Caution with Lamp posts

Hanging banners on lamp posts looks great out front of a business, but there are two things you should do beforehand. First, get permission from your local municipality. Second, invest in a lamp post banner system to avoid having your banner tear or tilt sideways. After all, you need your banner to be an asset that showcases your brand, not a liability that damages it!

Windy Area? Consider Mesh Banners 

If your banner is going to be installed in a windy location, or if you are going to purchase a scaffold banner, then consider having it made from mesh. This reduces the impact of wind so your banner not only looks better but has improved durability, as well. 

In Place of Banners, Consider Backdrop Frames

For those times you want to bring a banner to display at a conference or other indoor location, such as an expo, workshop, or trade show, consider using a backdrop instead. These would essentially give you a great background for your table or booth that displays your logo and any other visual pieces you want in a way that’s visible and won’t get blocked by someone standing in front of a table banner. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to set up, and it looks very sleek and professional.

Let the Pros Help You Create an Eye-Catching Banner to Fit Your Needs

To create a banner you’ll be excited to show off or to learn more about how to maximize your banner investment, contact the Landmark Signs team today. From design to installation, we are here to help.