Look at Your Sign Day: The Ultimate Outdoor Sign Inspection Checklist Landmark Sign Company November 2, 2023

Look at Your Sign Day: The Ultimate Outdoor Sign Inspection Checklist

store owner looking at sign to check for business sign repair

Why give something like outdoor signs their own special day on the calendar? Because your business’s first impression deserves extra attention! Falling on the Monday after the clocks change in November, Look at Your Sign Day is a crucial reminder to take good care of your outdoor business signage.

The Significance of “Look At Your Sign Day”

As the days grow shorter and daylight becomes a precious commodity, businesses rely heavily on outdoor signage to draw in customers and create a strong brand presence. However, these signs are often overlooked and neglected, resulting in potential damage or decreased effectiveness. 

This is where “Look at Your Sign Day” comes in—to remind businesses to take a closer look at their outdoor business signage and ensure it is in top condition.

Why Do Regular Sign Inspections?

Regular sign inspections are crucial for maintaining the appearance and functionality of your outdoor signage. Not only does this ensure that your brand image remains strong, but it also helps prevent any safety hazards or potential legal issues. By conducting routine sign inspections, you can identify any maintenance or business sign repair needs before they become a bigger problem.

Your Sign Inspection Checklist

Now that we understand the importance of “Look at Your Sign Day,” let’s dive into the inspection checklist. On the Monday after the clock change, step outside and take a good, hard look at your sign. Ask yourself, “Is this how I want my brand to be represented?”

As you inspect your outdoor sign, keep an eye out for the following issues and understand what they mean for your brand:

  1. Inconsistent Illumination: Are there areas on your sign that are significantly brighter or darker than the rest? Inconsistent illumination can make your sign look unprofessional and unattractive.
  2. Flickering: A flickering sign is not only distracting but can also deter potential customers. It suggests instability and can be a major turn-off. This can also be a sign of potential electrical dangers
  3. Bright Spots: Bright spots on your sign can overshadow the message you’re trying to convey, making it hard for passersby to read and comprehend.
  4. Dim Lighting: Dim lighting can make your sign virtually invisible at night, defeating its purpose.

If you’re unsure about how you want to improve your sign, ask yourself:

  • Is a Light Out? If you notice a light out, it’s a clear sign that immediate repair is needed.
  • Does it Need to Be Repaired? Even if all lights are functioning, it’s good practice to schedule regular maintenance to prevent potential issues in the future.
  • Is There a Power Supply Issue? If you suspect the lighting issues are recurring, it could be a power supply problem. This requires professional inspection and business sign repair.

“Look at Your Sign Day” may seem like a small reminder, but it serves as a crucial opportunity to ensure that your outdoor business signage is in top condition and represents your brand accurately. By following this checklist and conducting regular inspections, you can avoid costly business sign repairs and maintain a strong brand presence throughout the year.

So mark your calendars for “Look at Your Sign Day” and give your outdoor signage the attention it deserves!

If you discover any issues or have questions about business sign repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team. Visit Landmark Sign to get in touch with sign professionals who can help you make your best first impression through outdoor business signage.