Monument vs Pylon Sign: Which is the Right Pick for Your Business? Landmark Sign Company June 7, 2024

Monument vs Pylon Sign: Which is the Right Pick for Your Business?

Wooden open sign at the front of a business

When you’re driving down the road, what catches your eye? Is it the low, elegant branding of a monument sign nestled in a landscaped garden or the towering presence of a pylon sign reaching for the skies? If you’re a small business owner wondering which signage option to choose for your establishment, you’re in the right place.

When it comes to business signage, both monument and pylon signs hold their ground for various reasons. But which one is the right pick for your business? 

Monument Signs

Imagine a sign that sits comfortably at eye level, greeting your customers as they pull into your parking lot. Defined by their low profile and ground mounting, these signs are like the sophisticated greeters of the business world. They are built from materials that often mimic or complement the architecture of the business they represent, such as stone, brick, or high-grade metals.

Benefits of Monument Signs

  • Offers an air of distinction and permanence
  • Ideal for businesses aiming for an upscale vibe
  • Perfect for locations in business parks or shopping plazas
  • Creates a welcoming entrance
  • Communicates a subtle message of hospitality

When to Use Monument Signs

If your business caters to foot traffic or is nestled within a community, a monument sign can make you look like you’re part of the family. They’re perfect for hospitals, educational institutions, and corporate campuses where blending in tastefully with the environment is key.

Pylon Signage

Now, picture this: a sign that towers above the rest, visible from blocks away, maybe even before your customers turn onto your street. That’s the magic of pylon signage. These signs are supported by poles or a single solid structure and can reach impressive heights.

Benefits of Pylon Signage 

  • Enhances visibility for businesses
  • Crucial for locations along highways or in sprawling shopping centers
  • Increases chances of being noticed
  • Functions as a guidance point for customers in urban areas

When to Use Pylon Signs

If your storefront is set back from the road or if you share a complex with other businesses,  pylon signage can help you stand tall (literally) among the competition. They work wonders for shopping centers, hotels, and businesses along busy roads.

Choosing Between Monument and Pylon Signage

When it’s time to make the call between a monument and a pylon sign, consider these factors:

  • Location and Visibility: Think about where your business is and how you want to be seen. Pylon signs might win out for highway-side businesses, while monument signs could be the choice for a more urban or landscaped setting.
  • Brand Image: What message do you want to convey? A monument sign can suggest stability and luxury, whereas a pylon sign offers widespread visibility and impact.
  • Space and Zoning Regulations: Always check local zoning laws before making a decision. Some areas may have height restrictions that could influence your choice.

Choose the Right Sign for Your Business with Landmark Sign

Whether you decide on the welcoming elegance of a monument sign or the towering visibility of a pylon sign, what matters most is that it aligns with your brand and your business goals.

Feeling like you need a bit more guidance? That’s what we’re here for. At Landmark Sign, we specialize in helping businesses like yours make a lasting impression. Reach out to us, and let’s make your sign something to remember.