The Signage Process From Start to Finish: All the Details You Need to Know  Landmark Sign Company September 7, 2023

The Signage Process From Start to Finish: All the Details You Need to Know 

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When it comes to business signage, you may be overwhelmed with the task ahead. Whether it is finding the right sign for your business or making sure the installation goes off without a hitch. Don’t let stress take over this important business decision; here is what you need to know when it comes to getting a business sign done right.

First Impressions Matter: Why Your Business Needs A Great Sign

Having a great sign is essential for businesses of all sizes. Some of the benefits of an impactful sign include:

  • Help draw attention to your business
  • Enticing new customers to come in
  • Helps your business stand out from the competition
  • Reinforces your business brand

Up to 76% of consumers enter a store that they have never visited before simply because of the sign. With an eye-catching design and proper installation, you can create a sign that will leave long-lasting impressions and make people want to come into your business.

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Our Business Signage Process

At Landmark Sign, our signage process is collaborative and responsive, so you’ll be able to get the perfect sign for your business—we’ll walk you through the steps below.


Start your journey to a new sign with us by filling out our inquiry form. We’ll need some basic information about your business and signage needs, including the type of sign you want (wall-mounted, illuminated, etc.), what design elements you like, what colors you want to use, and more.


When our team reviews your inquiry and thinks that we have the right solution for you, then we’ll move on to the qualification process. This includes a discussion about your vision, how it will be installed, and other specifics.

Concept Design & Revision

Once we have all the details of your sign, our dependable designers will create a concept design with all of your needs in mind. Our team will go over this with you to make sure it’s everything you wanted and discuss any changes that need to be made if needed.


After we finalize the design, our professionals will review it and provide you with an accurate estimate for the costs. 

Project Accepted!

Now, it’s time to get the ball rolling! Our team will start the fabrication process and turn your vision into a reality.


When displaying business signage there are certain regulations that you have to comply with. You may also be required to obtain a permit from the city or local government when it comes to signage installation. Don’t worry—we’ll guide you through the permitting process and ensure everything is done correctly so that your sign will be compliant with local regulations.


Our team of experts puts a lot of effort into making sure your sign looks professional and eye-catching during the fabrication process. We use the latest technology and the highest-quality materials to fabricate each sign for optimal results.


When the sign is ready, our experienced installers will safely transport the sign to its new home. We will also ensure that it is properly and securely affixed to your building. We understand how important it is for businesses to have a well-installed sign, so we take extra steps to make sure everything looks perfect!

For Quality Business Signage, Call Landmark Sign

If you’re looking for a reliable team of professionals to help you with your business signage needs, look no further than Landmark Sign. We have years of experience in creating quality signs that will make your business stand out from the competition and draw in customers.

From the beginning of our process, our team is committed to working closely with you to create the right sign for your business that meets all of your needs and expectations. We’ll help you make the right impression with an amazing business sign that will last for years to come. 

Get in touch with our team of experts now to start the process!