4 Reasons Why Digital Signage for Hospitals is a Smart Decision Landmark Sign Company June 15, 2017

4 Reasons Why Digital Signage for Hospitals is a Smart Decision

Digital Signage for HospitalsA growing number of hospitals across the country — from smaller rural hospitals to large multi-site urban health networks — are installing digital signage throughout their environment. Here are the top 4 reasons why this is a smart decision:

1. Digital Signs Provide Timely & Relevant Information to Patients & Caregivers

While most hospitals have come a long, long way in terms of comfort and ergonomics (e.g. comfortable cloth and leather seats, quality lighting, increased number of outlets for phone or laptop charging, and so on), the truth is that most patients would rather be almost anywhere else than in a hospital waiting room.

Digital signage for hospitals helps improve the patient and caregiver experience by providing timely and relevant information to patients and caregivers, such as useful health tips, hospital information (e.g. wifi availability, cafeteria hours, etc.), weather and news feeds, and so on. No, this doesn’t literally make the time go by any faster. But for many patients and caregivers, it does indeed make things seem that way — and that is good enough!

2. Digital Signs Help Patients & Caregivers Find their Desired Location

For patients and caregivers unfamiliar with the maze-like layout of a hospital, trying to find a desired location (e.g. MRI, neo-natal, radiology, physio, etc.) can be frustrating — and in some extreme cases, it can be dangerous, since for some patients time is of the essence, and wasted seconds can make a profound difference.

Digital signage for hospitals provides patients and caregivers with the directional information they need, so they can more easily and quickly reach their desired location. What’s more, if certain halls or wings are off-limits due to repairs, construction or any other reason, any/all digital signs can easily be updated accordingly.

3. Digital Signs Help Keep Employees Informed

Hospitals are often frenetic hubs of activity, and keeping all staff informed — including those who don’t work at the hospital on a daily basis — can be a difficult challenge.

Digital signage for hospitals allows administrators and coordinators to efficiently and effectively share updated information regarding room assignments, meetings, conferences, events, bulletins, notices, and so on.

What’s more, hospitals have full control over their digital sign network and can customize messages accordingly. For example, emergency room staff can be updated on the latest KPIs and metrics, community care staff can be updated on new programs or services, etc.

4. Digital Signs Help Raise Awareness of Foundation and Fundraising Efforts

Hospitals depend significantly on donation from individuals, groups, organizations and corporations, which are used to support worthy and often vital investments such as state-of-the-art equipment, new or updated care centers and departments, infrastructure improvements, and so on.

Digital signage for hospitals is ideal for sharing updated information regarding foundation and fundraising goals, which can lead to additional support and involvement from the community.

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