4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Install Outdoor Business Signs Landmark Sign Company June 27, 2019

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Install Outdoor Business Signs

outdoor building signsAs a business owner or executive, you know that making timely, strategic investments is the difference between driving growth and staying ahead of your competition –– or falling behind and struggling to keep up. And in some cases, it makes the difference between staying in business or disappearing from the landscape entirely. 

The good news is outdoor building signs are a proven and practical way to strengthen your business — now and for years to come. Here are the four key reasons why:


  • Outdoor building signs work.

A study commissioned by the University of California at San Diego found that, on average, installing one additional on-premise outdoor business sign increased annual sales revenues by 4.75%, and increased annual transaction volume by 3.94%.  A separate study by FedEx Small Business found that 8 out of 10 customers entered a store for the first time exclusively due to its outdoor building signs, and 67% of customers said they purchased from a store because they were impressed by its signage. 


  • Outdoor building signs are affordable.


Unlike many marketing and advertising campaigns that can run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars — and still might not generate much or any ROI — outdoor building signs are affordable. There are types, sizes and options to suit any budget, including signs with LED message centers for promoting sales, special offers, announcements, and more. 


  • Outdoor building signs improve brand awareness.


A study by the Economic Center at the University of Cincinnati found that 38% of larger businesses with multiple locations considered branding and image as the most important purpose of effective outdoor business signs. The same study found that smaller businesses and those with a single location considered outdoor building signs to be the single most important brand differentiator for standing out from the competition, and helping customers find their location.


  • Outdoor building signs work 24/7/365.


Eye-catching and properly-positioned outdoor business signs promote your business day and night. And speaking of night: multiple illumination options are available if your business wants to generate a noticeable and impressive nighttime sign presence.  

The Bottom Line

In the big picture, the difference between making the right business investments at the right time is the difference between thriving — and struggling, or possibly disappearing. Outdoor business signs are a smart, safe and strategic investment because they work, they’re affordable, they improve brand awareness, and they promote your business nonstop. 

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