Get the Most Out of Window Lettering Signs Landmark Sign Company July 30, 2019

Get the Most Out of Window Lettering Signs

What separates ordinary, run-of-the-mill window lettering signs from extraordinary signs? When our customers come to us for custom vinyl window lettering or window clings, they want to stand out, get noticed and drive more traffic into their stores.

Below we’ve started with a brief refresh of what window lettering is and the 6 factors that must be considered to get the most out of your sign.

What is Window Lettering?

If you’ve ever walked down a street lined with shops, you’ve probably noticed the ones with an interesting window display, or storefront. Window lettering is a fantastic, and cost-effective, way to intrigue potential customers into exploring what’s inside of your store.

Window lettering is primarily used for advertising products and services, boosting brand, logo, and name recognition, presenting key information (phone number, hours of operation, etc.) and displaying temporary offers.

There are many different types of window lettering material, but the most popular are vinyl window lettering and window clings.

Types of Window Lettering

Another aspect that requires consideration when choosing your window lettering is the type that will work best for your project. Below we dig deeper into the specifics of the two main types: vinyl window lettering and window decals and clings.

Vinyl Window Lettering

vinyl window lettering

Individually cut from a continuous sheet of colored vinyl, vinyl letters are highly adhesive and the most popular type of window lettering for store names, branding elements and more permanent window lettering designs. Vinyl letters are limited to one color without gradients due to the production process. However, because the letters are individually cut, you can customize the placement.

Window Decals & Clings

Unlike vinyl lettering, window decals and clings are fully customizable and versatile. With the ability to be repurposed, reused and relocated, you’ll get the most out of your window decal and cling.
Window decals are also printed on vinyl, but a more flexible type of vinyl that allows for reuse once it’s adhered to the wall. You’ve probably seen window decals used for temporary window displays to advertise a sale or limited product, pricing or even seasonal store hours. They’re also widely used for seasonal in-store displays.


There is no “one-size-fits-all” rule when it comes to window lettering decals. For some businesses, less is more — while for others, the bigger the better.

What matters most is that the size aligns with the brand, marketplace and function. For example, window lettering that displays your business hours is typically very small, since it’s (usually) not necessary to communicate this information to customers at a distance or those who are driving by at higher speeds.

However, window lettering that conveys a special promotion or slogan might take up a significant portion of the available space. Determining your message beforehand will help guide your choice of sizing.


It’s perfectly fine, even encouraged, to use creative, abstract window lettering. However, this should never come at the cost of clarity. A study at the University of Cincinnati Economic Center found that legibility was the single most important characteristic of business signs.

By using clear headline text, you’ll ensure that your sign is clear and legible for customers.

Colors and Fonts

Choosing the right combination of colors and fonts will make your window lettering signs stand out and get noticed. It’s important to choose design elements that align with your branding to create a cohesive branded retail environment.

For example, a pet store may wish to use bright, tropical colors and fonts, while a bank or antique store may wish to use more conventional (but not boring!) colors and fonts to establish credibility and trust with their customers.

It’s advised to use your specific brand’s guidelines to assist with choosing the right colors and fonts for your window lettering.


Window lettering signs can be installed inside or outside the glass. Businesses that have tinted windows should only choose outside installation, or else their sign will be obstructed. It’s important to consider where your sign will make the most impact while staying true to your brand guidelines.


All great signs are made with high-quality vinyl that is weatherproof, and also resists fading from the sun. It’s important to vet signage companies to ensure they are using high-quality, durable material so your window lettering will last.

Thinking About Custom Vinyl Window Lettering?

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