LED Business Signs: 6 Key Benefits Landmark Sign Company August 28, 2019

LED Business Signs: 6 Key Benefits

LED business signsAcross the country, a growing number of businesses — from small, independent retailers to large multi-location chains — are investing in LED business signs. Here are the six key benefits of this practical, proven, and profitable decision: 

  • Get Noticed 24/7

LED business signs businesses stand out and get noticed in a crowded, competitive marketplace — both day and night. According to a study by FedEx Office, 76% of consumers entered a business entirely because they were impressed by its signage. On the other end of the spectrum, the BrandSpark International, Better Homes and Gardens and American Shopper Study [PDF] found that 66% of consumers have driven past a business they were looking for because the signage was unclear or too small.  

  • Long Lifespan

Top quality LED business signs are designed to last 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is 3-6 years longer than neon signs or fluorescent signs. 

  • Energy Efficient 

LED business signs use 75% less energy than conventional lighting. This is because LEDs emit clear bright light in a specific direction, which reduces the need to reflect light or “trap” light with diffusers. In fact, with conventional lighting more than half of the light may never even leave the fixture! 

  • Integrated Message Center

LED business signs can be built with an integrated message center, which allows businesses to send out customized communications (e.g. special offers, product updates, milestones, business hours, etc.). Changing messages is fast and easy, and can be done in a matter of seconds.

  • Low Maintenance

Unlike neon or fluorescent lighting, LED business signs don’t contain gasses or use fragile glass tubes — which can break and are costly to replace. What’s more, LED business signs never get hot, and as such are easy to clean throughout the year.

  • Multiple Design Options

Because LED business signs don’t use tubes, they can be made as thin as 1”, which makes them perfect for small spaces, or for installations on walls or windows that cannot withstand significant weight. And since LEDs are crafted from multiple separate bulbs (instead of a single tube), it’s possible to create a dazzling animated effect that is particularly impressive for businesses that need a highly conspicuous nighttime signage presence, such as hotels, restaurants, night clubs, cafes, and so on.

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