5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Banner Sign for Your Business Landmark Sign Company September 27, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Banner Sign for Your Business

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A custom banner sign is one of the smartest investments that your business can make to boost engagement, brand visibility, sales and profits. Here are the five key reasons why:

Engage Customers at the Point of Sale

The most crucial and vulnerable phase of the business-customer relationship is at the point of sale. This is when customers ultimately decide whether they will continue shopping (or possibly suspend or terminate their shopping plan), or move forward and make a purchase. A custom banner is an influential, yet non-aggressive way to engage customers at the point of sale, and nudge them forward. In addition, a custom banner is perfect for introducing your customers to additional purchases (i.e. upselling).  

Direct Foot Traffic Outside and Inside

A custom banner helps generate lucrative foot traffic. A survey by FedEx Office found that 76% of consumers entered a store for the first time simply because they were impressed by its sign, and nearly 70% ended up making a purchase. At the same time, because custom banners are so lightweight and versatile, they can be used internally to direct and redirect foot traffic within the store environment. For example, a custom banner sign can be used to point consumers to seasonal or clearance items. This not only increases overall sales, but ensures that customers do not get frustrated looking for what they want (and take it out their aggravation on innocent staff members!).

Use and Re-Use for Years

A high quality custom banner sign will last for many years, which in the long run could reduce your per-day cost to pennies. And when your custom banner sign is not required, you can simply roll it up and safely store it away.

Add QR Codes

A growing number of businesses of all sizes — including many in the B2B space — are adding a QR code to their custom banner (this is especially useful when banners are displayed at special events, conferences, expos, etc.). Customers simply scan the QR code with their smartphone and instantly head to your website where they can learn about sales and promotions, sign-up for a digital newsletter, download an app, participate in contests, and so on.

Extremely Affordable

All of the above-noted benefits of a custom banner are impressive and important. But they would all be elusive if the cost was excessively high — or for many smaller businesses, prohibitive. Fortunately, this is 100% not the case! A custom banner is one of the most affordable signage solutions available. What’s more, a customer banner sign can be designed and manufactured within days.

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