Wrapping a Car: Benefits & Considerations that Ensure Maximum ROI Landmark Sign Company August 30, 2018

Wrapping a Car: Benefits & Considerations that Ensure Maximum ROI

wrapping a carTalk to individuals or businesses after they’ve had one or multiple cars wrapped by professionals, and it’s a safe bet that that they’ll say their only regret is that they didn’t do it sooner.

However, this doesn’t mean that car wraps are magic wands. Like anything else in life, there are things you need to know about car wraps to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Check out these advantages car wraps provide, as well as a few items you may want to consider further:

Wrapping a Car: Benefits

  • Affordability: wrapping a car is much more affordable than re-painting. For example, a high quality custom paint job can easily cost more than $5,000, while a high quality custom car wrap can cost less than $2,000 including design and installation. In some cases, the cost may be less than $1,500 or even less than $1,000.
  • Creative freedom: car wraps can be designed to suit virtually any preference or requirement (e.g. adding a corporate logo, QR code, etc.).
  • Durability: professionally designed and installed car wraps will last for many years.  
  • Easy maintenance: contrary to what some people believe, there is no special (read: expensive!) cleaner to buy for car wraps. Wrapped cars can be cleaned with a mild detergent and a low-pressure hose (conventional car washes are not recommended).
  • Protection: car wraps protect the underlying paint from nicks, scratches, dirt and sun damage.
  • Fast: unlike paint jobs that seem to take forever, having a custom wrap installed can be completed in a couple of days.
  • Removable: when it comes time to sell a car, car wraps can be removed.

Wrapping a Car: Things to Consider

Car wraps are a fantastic marketing purchase for just about any business. However, if you really want to get the most bang for your buck, make sure to consider all the factors involved in wrapping a car, including:

  • Changing Colors: insurance companies factor in vehicle color when they decide how much to charge customers, because some colors (like white) are easier to see on the road than others (like black). As such, if you choose a wrap that dramatically changes your car’s color, you may get dinged by your insurance company. To avoid that unwelcome surprise, we recommend contacting them first to find out what your options are.
  • Car Wrap Durability & Replacement: as noted above, high-quality and professionally-installed car wraps should last for many years. However, they aren’t meant to last forever. Eventually, just like a paint job you’ll start to see signs of aging. At that time, you can of course re-wrap your car and bask once more in its beauty!
  • Wrapping Older Cars: car wraps look the best and last the longest when they’re installed on dent-free surfaces with smooth, clean and ideally factor-finish (original) paint. As such, it may be necessary to prep an older car to get it into optimal shape for a car wrap.

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