5 Benefits that Wall Murals Can Bring to Your Business Landmark Sign Company May 25, 2018

5 Benefits that Wall Murals Can Bring to Your Business

wall murals“What’s your sign?”

The classic (and yes, cheesy) pick-up line is not just for casual conversation in singles bars. It is also a question that relates to a business’s bottom line. Per a FedEx Office study, 76 percent of customers entered a store exclusively because they were impressed by its signage, and 68 percent of them ended up making at least one purchase.  

While there are many sign options that can help reap these impressive rewards — such as LED message centers, window graphics and lettering, aluminum signs, etc. — among the most interesting and impactful are wall murals. Here are the 5 key business benefits they bring to the table:

Wall Murals Capture and Command Attention

Wall murals capture and command attention and tell a compelling and memorable brand story. Indeed, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the same spirit, a brilliant and beautiful wall mural could be worth a thousand new customers!

Wall Murals Differentiate You in a Crowded Marketplace

Despite the fact that they are so effective and compelling, most businesses are not taking advantage of wall murals — which means businesses that do can dramatically differentiate themselves from the competition. This is especially valuable for new businesses and small businesses that must compete with established enterprises in their marketplace.

Wall Murals Transform Virtually Any Space

Wall murals can transform virtually any wall, from those on the sales floor, to the conference room, to the lobby, and everything in between. Many employee-centric businesses are also adding wall murals to the staff break room or lunch room, which helps foster team spirit, boost engagement, and increase performance and productivity.

Pictures of Wall Murals are Ideal for Sharing and Showcasing

Because they are so colorful and unique, pictures of wall murals are ideal for sharing and showcasing on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, as well as featuring in marketing materials like brochures, catalogs and newsletters.

Wall Murals are Easy to Install

While they look sophisticated and elaborate, wall murals are surprisingly easy to install. What’s more, unlike painting that requires a smooth surface, wall murals can be added to any textured surface. In fact, the texture itself can be integrated the wall mural to make it even more dynamic and engaging.

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