3 Window Lettering Options for Your Business Landmark Sign Company March 29, 2018

3 Window Lettering Options for Your Business

window letteringWhile there are many exciting innovations in the world of business signs — such as LED message centers, vehicle wraps, and many others — as the old saying goes: the classics never go out of style. And that’s why window lettering continues to be one of the most effective and affordable signage choices for businesses to stand out in a crowded marketplace and stay top-of-mind with their target audiences.

If your business is thinking of transforming an ordinary window(s) into a profitable advertising and marketing asset that is “on the job” 24/7/365, then here are three window lettering options to consider:

Window Lettering Size

The size of your window lettering should be based on three factors: the size of the window(s), the distance that your message needs to be projected (e.g. 10 feet, 30 feet, etc.), and what your competitors are doing. Overall however, for readability and impact, window lettering shouldn’t be smaller than one foot in size.

Window Lettering Colors

Window lettering is available in a virtually any color imaginable, which is ideal if your brand has a unique color palette. With this in mind, it’s important to choose colors that are readable — especially from a distance. If your design has no background, or is printed on clear material, then white or light-colored window lettering is a wiser option as opposed to dark-colored window lettering. It’s also generally not a good idea to mix too many colors, and to remain consistent with primary text color and secondary text color.

Window Lettering Materials

There are a variety of material options available. However, the best option is high quality vinyl, because you’ll be able to remove or change your window lettering whenever you wish. What’s more, high quality vinyl can last for decades without fading or peeling, which protects your investment and ensures that you’re always making a positive impression on customers and other visitors. In addition, your property manager is much more likely to approve vinyl window lettering than etching the glass!

Additional Thoughts on Window Lettering

Keep in mind that you don’t have to only choose window lettering instead of other possibilities, such as illuminated signs. Rather, you can let window lettering complement your overall signage strategy — which will maximize impact and ROI.

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