Your St. Louis Business Sign: How to Make a Smart Investment Landmark Sign Company February 26, 2018

Your St. Louis Business Sign: How to Make a Smart Investment

st. louis business signSuccessful businesses know the difference between necessary expenses and smart investments. And without question, choosing the right St. Louis business sign is in the latter category. Here are the 5 reasons why:

1. It Pulls in More Foot Traffic.

According to a survey commissioned by FedEx, 76 percent of consumers have entered a business that they had never heard of before, based entirely on the business sign.

Of course, the sign must be impressive and eye-catching. Illegible, blocked, ordinary, weather-beaten, dated, or just plain ugly business signs do not attract customers — they repel them and send them to the competition.

2. It Increases Revenue.

The above-noted survey also found that of the 76 percent of consumers who entered a business solely because they were impressed by its sign, 67 percent ended up making a purchase (either a product, service, or both).

What’s more, a separate study by researchers at the University of Cincinnati found that 60 percent of businesses that enhanced the visibility, clarity and/or appeal of their sign enjoyed –– on average –– a 10 percent boost in sales.

3. It Helps Keep your Business Top-of-Mind.

According to research by the Small Business Association, 85 percent of customers work or live within a 5-mile radius of your business, which means they typically see your sign 50+ times a month (or have the potential to see it, if it is professionally designed and properly placed).

This is critical for generating awareness and being top-of-mind when they need to make a purchase, or are in a position to make a recommendation to a family member, friend or colleague — or sometimes a total stranger online or offline.

4. It Helps your Business Make a Great First Impression.

According to statistics per the U.S. Census, 20 percent of the U.S. population relocates each year. An impressive business sign makes an excellent and lasting first impression, and gives businesses a distinct advantage over competitors.

5. It Boosts Website Traffic.

Last but certainly not least, business signs — which also include things like vehicle wraps — can significantly increase website traffic, which helps increase customers, sales, and profits.

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