7 Factors to Help You Choose the Best Sign Company for Your Business Landmark Sign Company December 11, 2017

7 Factors to Help You Choose the Best Sign Company for Your Business

sign companyJust as businesses need to carefully choose their people who comprise their workforce, they must also conduct due diligence when choosing vendors — because the right choice vs. the wrong choice is the difference between surging ahead and increasing profitability, or falling behind and losing customers to competitors.

If your business is searching for a new sign or signs — such as for your current or new location(s), fleet of vehicles, conference booth, advertising campaign, or any other scenario — then here are 7 factors to help you choose the best sign company:

#1: Specialization

Steer clear of any sign company that only “dabbles” in business signs, while they focus on other things — like selling office supplies. Your customers trust you because you’re an expert. You should expect the same specialized expertise from your business sign company!

#2: Variety

If a business sign company offers limited selection — such as only one type of LED sign, or just a few types of conference banners — then cross them off your list. You need to have full picture of what’s available, so that you can evaluate all of your options and make the best possible choice.

#3: Experience

As the old saying goes: there’s no substitute for experience! There are many aspects and details that go into creating the perfect business sign. The company you choose to work with should deeply understand the in’s and out’s vs. “learning as they go.”

#4: Portfolio

While your business is unique, you should definitely ask to see a portfolio of work so that you can get a sense of sign company’s quality standards and production values. And if any company hesitates to send you their portfolio, then you can be assured there’s a reason — and it’s not in your favor!

#5: Testimonials

An experienced and specialized business sign company will be pleased — actually, make that delighted — to provide you with testimonials from satisfied customers. And if you wish, they should be just as happy to connect you with previous/current customers, so that you can ask anything you wish.

#6: Support 

Business signs aren’t “set it and forget it” items. Over time, you may want to make adjustments — or Mother Nature (often in cooperation with Old Man Winter) might render your business sign in need of some TLC. Regardless of the issue or situation, you want to choose a business sign company that has in the in-house expertise to provide you with prompt support for years down the road.

#7: Price

Price is always a factor, and naturally should be part of your checklist. It’s wise to keep a couple of things in mind. First, if a business sign company offers prices that are significantly higher than average — but without any valid reason — then you should assume that they’re simply trying to gouge. Conversely, if a business sign company is offering a ‘bargain basement” price, then that’s an even bigger red flag — because they’ll either tack on extra fees later on, or they’ll sell you an inferior product that won’t last, and you’ll end up paying much more for a repair or replacement.

Landmark Signs: 7 for 7!

At Landmark Signs, we proudly offer and provide all 7 of these key factors, which is why so many of our customers choose us again and again — and recommend us to their professional network. To learn more about how we can solve your business sign needs and earn your long-term trust and loyalty, contact us today. Your consultation with us is free.