The Anatomy of Great Window Lettering Signs

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What separates ordinary, run-of-the-mill window lettering signs from extraordinary window lettering signs that stand out, get noticed, generate traffic and drive branding visibility? Essentially, it all boils down to these core elements:




There is no “one-size-fits-all” rule when it comes to window lettering signs. For some businesses, less is more — while for others, the bigger the better. What matters most is that the size aligns with the brand, marketplace and function. For example, window lettering signs that convey business hours are typically on the smaller end of the scale, since it’s (usually) not necessary to communicate this information to customers at a distance or those who are driving by at higher speeds. However, window lettering that convey a special promotion or slogan might take up a significant portion of the available space. 




It’s perfectly fine to use creative window lettering. However, this should never come at the cost of clarity. A study at the University of Cincinnati Economic Center [PDF] found that customers said legibility was the single most important characteristic of business signs.


Colors and Fonts


Colors and fonts help window lettering signs stand out and get noticed. It is important to choose design elements that align with the brand, and don’t seem out-of-place or that they were borrowed from another business. For example, a pet store may wish to use bright, tropical colors and fonts to draw attention to its selection of birds, while a bank or antique store may wish to use more conventional (but not boring!) colors and fonts to connect with customers and the marketplace.




Another aspect of great window lettering signs is the right decal option. Decals with a clear background have a slightly frosted and semi-transparent look, and are suitable for most types of glass. Decals with a white background enhance readability. Perforated decals use very small holes to create a full-color design with larger text, yet still allow transparency.  




Window lettering signs can be installed inside or outside glass. Businesses that have tinted windows should only choose outside installation, or else their sign will be obstructed. 




All great window lettering signs are made with high-quality vinyl that are weatherproof, and also resist fading from the sun. 

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