Business Sign Installation 101 Landmark Sign Company June 29, 2021

Business Sign Installation 101

business sign installationStruggling to get your business noticed? Installing a new business sign can be a great way to attract new customers to your store and help advertise your business. Designing a unique sign with your company name and logo can market your business to visitors and help customers locate you. However, installing a sign can be an arduous and confusing process, especially with large signs or digital LED signs. Here are some sign installation tips to make the process easier!

What Is the Sign Installation Process?

Some of the essential steps involved in sign installation include transporting the sign to your location, preparing the building, pole, or structure for the sign (including electrical setup), and safely mounting the sign. You can either provide a design yourself or work with a sign company to design one from scratch. Researching some business sign ideas can be a great way to inspire your own design.

Large storefront signs and other heavy signs require special equipment to lift them to high heights. This heavy machinery should only be operated by a trained professional. If you choose a sign installation company, their team will work quickly to limit workplace distractions. They will also work with your schedule to reduce disruptions. Additionally, experts will ensure that the sign is well-placed in a visible location and that it has a sturdy foundation. Overall, choosing a sign company can make installation much easier and safer for everyone involved.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Sign?

There are many important benefits of installing a sign for your business. Most importantly, studies have shown that 35 percent of people wouldn’t even know your business existed if you do not have a sign displayed. Signage is crucial for assisting people in locating your business, as well as for differentiating your business from competitors or neighboring companies. Signs create a lasting image in visitors’ minds about your business and help them remember you in the future. Therefore, signage is a crucial part of branding and marketing your company.

Additionally, according to a 2012 FedEx Survey, 76 percent of consumers will visit a shop they have never visited before based on the appearance of the signage, and a shocking 52 percent reported they would likely not enter if the sign was poorly made. In light of this data, it is clear that having a well-designed sign can provide numerous benefits to your business. If installed properly, signs can last for years to come, making them a great long-term investment for future success.

How to Make Sign Installation Easier

Sign installation involves many time consuming and logistically difficult tasks, but by outsourcing the design and installation of your sign to a professional company like Landmark Sign Company, the process can be made much easier. Obtaining professional guidance to ensure the sign is installed safely and with the goal of longevity in mind is helpful even if you decide to install the sign yourself. Additionally, Landmark Sign Company offers temporary signs for events like trade shows to make the installation and removal process painless. Contact us here to learn more about our sign installation process and how we can help make your sign project easy and successful!