Outdoor Business Sign Ideas for New Companies Landmark Sign Company May 27, 2021

Outdoor Business Sign Ideas for New Companies

Starting a new company requires a great deal of planning and determination. Not only do you have to have the startup funds ready to invest in your business, but you also have to make some long-term decisions that could affect your business for years to come. From the design of your store to the products and services you offer, everything you do in the early stages will have an impact on long-term growth. Creating outdoor business sign ideas is an important first step for many new companies.

Are you a new business owner in need of outdoor business sign ideas? Do you have a design in mind, but aren’t sure how to proceed? Finally, do you want to have a business sign that will help bring in revenue for years? If so, read on to learn more!

Dimensional Signs

A Dimensional Sign is great for illustrating your branding, while still having versatile design options. With dimensional signs, you get the benefit of a 3D effect, which naturally draws the eye. Additionally, this design choice can be combined with just about any material or logo. It is both cost-effective and a great way to draw in customers.

LED Message Centers

If you really want to draw attention and have greater versatility with the content of your sign, an LED Message Center is the way to go. The initial cost and maintenance will be higher than a traditional outdoor business sign, but you can more than make up for this difference with future revenue. An LED message center works great during the day or night, ensuring that you can stay open at any time and still bring in business. If you’re having a sale or a temporary event that you want to announce, you can simply change the message on the sign as you see fit. In short, the possibilities are endless!

Illuminated Signs

Do you want to keep bringing in customers after the sun goes down? If so, an illuminated sign could be the best option for you. Generally less expensive than LED Message Centers, Illuminated Signs allow you to combine dimensional lettering with built-in lighting. This is ideal for businesses that stay open until late, as you can ensure that people know exactly when you’re open based on the outdoor sign alone. 

Pole Signs

Depending on your location and the layout of your business property, a pole sign could really help you get a leg up on the competition. For example, let’s say that your business cannot be seen well from a main road or highway. A pole sign gives you the ability to showcase your business to all passing drivers by putting your sign right next to the road. In doing so, you improve brand awareness and increase the chances that people will stop in to make a purchase.

If you’d like to bring your outdoor business sign ideas to life, be sure to contact the experts at Landmark Sign USA today!