Three Ways A Sign Can Help You Advertise Your Business Landmark Sign Company March 31, 2015

Three Ways A Sign Can Help You Advertise Your Business

Help You Advertise Your BusinessWhen it comes to marketing your business, there are a variety of techniques you can use to help draw attention to your company and create an effective brand. Out of these methods, there is one in particular that many business owners consider a high priority: their company’s sign. Others, however, are more skeptical. “Will a sign get my business noticed,” they wonder, “or am I better off pursuing other options?” The truth is that signs are a vital part of a company’s everyday operations. Read on to learn why you should contact outdoor sign companies in your area to discuss how they can help advertise your business.

Signs Draw Attention To Help You Advertise Your Business

The average person will see a sign about twice per day, or about 60 times per month, giving you a great opportunity to attract interested customers. Well-designed signs in prominent locations let passerby know that you exist, help customers find your company even in crowded areas, and even draw in customers who might have otherwise walked by.

They Reinforce a Brand’s Identity

If your business has a unique logo or catchy advertising slogan, signs give your business the perfect opportunity to share it with passerby in a non-intrusive but effective way. However, even if your brand isn’t flashy, local sign companies can often help you design an appealing, interesting display that will turn heads and help welcome new customers.

They Have Promotional Purposes

Signs are extremely effective at conveying short, concise bits of information that help encourage future sales. Customers will not only remember your business, purpose, and other information after passing by, but will also likely associate your sign with good experiences they had in the past, encouraging them to stop in again. Moreover, you can ask your sign company about installing an LED sign, which will allow you to express additional information about sales and other news, increasing your ability to promote your business. These LED signs are especially effective: research shows that shows that 63% of adults find that this type of advertising “catches their attention,” and is also more unique, interesting, entertaining, and less annoying that other types of media.

Finding the right way to advertise your business can be a challenge. However, if you’re wondering “will a sign get my business noticed?”, the answer is yes! Contact a local sign company near you today to discuss how they can help you promote your company.