How Window Lettering Can Enhance Your Business Landmark Sign Company December 19, 2018

How Window Lettering Can Enhance Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your business in a very cost-effective way, then look no further than window lettering. Here are the key reasons why window lettering is a smart, strategic and remarkably affordable marketing and advertising solution:

  1. Total Customization

You can easily customize window lettering to perfectly fit any space. You can also add your logo, graphics, and messaging as desired (e.g. phone number, website address, hours of operation, etc.).

  1. Looks Permanent — but Isn’t

Window lettering looks permanent, which is important since the goal is to impress customers and other visitors. However, window lettering can be changed throughout the year to align with special promotions, seasonal campaigns, and so on.

  1. You Probably Don’t Need Permission

If you’re leasing your office, then you typically need to get permission from your property manager before installing a business sign. However, you typically don’t need permission for window lettering, since nothing permanent is being added or changed. The lettering adheres to the windows (i.e. it is not etched into the glass), and removes completely without leaving behind any residue or marking.

  1. You Probably Don’t Need a Permit

Many businesses are unpleasantly surprised to learn that permits are required for a variety of business sign types, including banners. However, this typically isn’t the case for window lettering, which most jurisdictions don’t consider a business sign.

  1. They Increase Privacy

One of the lesser-known benefits of window lettering is that they increase privacy for employees and other visitors. It’s also possible to cover entire windows by combining window lettering with graphics and backgrounds.

  1. Rapid Installation

Installing window lettering is fast, and can be taken care of by professionals within a matter of hours (and in some cases, under an hour). The work can also be scheduled at a time that causes minimal or no disruption to your staff and customers.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Window lettering is a breeze to maintain. When necessary, simply wash with mild, non-abrasive and non-solvent liquid cleaner. It’s also best to clean lettering at a perpendicular angle (e.g. 90 degrees), to keep water from seeping into the seams of the decals and lifting them up over time.

Bottom Line

Window lettering is easily one of the most affordable advertising and marketing solutions available, and it’s also among the most impressive and effective. Add it up, and the real question isn’t whether you should enhance your business with window lettering, but rather: how you can afford to miss this golden opportunity to generate more brand awareness, customers, sales and profits?  

To learn more, contact the Landmark Signs team today. We’ll help you choose the perfect window lettering solution to achieve your goals, and that fits your budget.